Most early sales people at startups are becoming more marketers than closers

Over the last 6-7 months I have been helping #napkinStage companies hire their first few sales people to grow from the founders selling the product to growing a sustainable team to help sell.

The most important thing I have noticed is that most of the sales people are learning the science and art of marketing – building an email list, engaging on social media, writing short opinion pieces on trends, etc.

The primary reason is that most of the sales folks at startups have to build their funnel first, and most of them have few relationships or existing customers to get referral customers from.

10 years ago, or even 20 years ago, most of the techniques sales people used to fill their funnel was “cold calling” or “smile and dial”. There were few emails as well, but largely attending events to network and cold calling were the prevalent strategies.

Now targeted emails have replaced cold calling. Initial connection on social media – Twitter, LinkedIn have replaced connecting at an event. Writing a blog post or participating on a podcast have replaced sending PDF files of marketing collateral.

The role of the sales person as a closer is becoming less relevant now, and their role as a facilitator is becoming more important. The effective sales professionals I know are learning the art and science of coordinating a concerted campaign to get access to individuals within an account who can help become champions at a prospect.

Changing Role of the SaaS Sales Professional
Changing Role of the SaaS Sales Professional

Sales people are becoming more “industry experts” and learning about events prospects should be attending, having an opinion on current trends and curating content that they believe will be useful for their prospects.

That used to be the role of the marketing person.

In tomorrow’s post I will examine the changed role of the marketing person. Their roles are moving from more being more art and creative to science and data driven.

7 thoughts on “Most early sales people at startups are becoming more marketers than closers”

  1. Mukund,

    Not true for companies that are selling a product/service to a Customer who is already in a database..ex: Selling a product/service to a Hotel, Resort, tour operator and so on. Just look up the names on Justdial, Makemytrip, Tripadvisor and “Smile and call”.

    Sales person are required to build their own funnel, that does not imply that they are not required to close. I would prefer a closer than a “funnel builder” any day!

  2. As usual: awesome read and right on! Can’t wait to learn about the new role of marketing people.

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