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The SalesHacker Meetup at Seattle

Yesterday, I had the chance to meet 12 entrepreneurs at the Impact Hub in Seattle, who attended the Sales Hacker Workshop.

Sales Hacker Conference
Sales Hacker Conference

Max Altschuler of Sales Hacker reached out to me last month to be a part of the panel to a set of developer and technical folks who were at the early stages of getting their sales efforts started at their startup.

Richard Harris, who runs Harris consulting was the instructor and I had a 30 minute session on 3 topics – a) What the new “sales funnel” looks like and why is it different b) Should you outsource your sales efforts at a startup and c) What should I do after I hire my first salesperson at our startup?

I have mentioned before that more sales people at startups are becoming marketers, consultants and enablers than closer’s.

I get a lot of questions from entrepreneurs on how to develop their sales team. Many of the entrepreneurs I work with are engineers and think about sales as they would another engineering process. The framework to think about building a team requires 5 important questions to answer before you come up with your sales.

I am personally happy that folks like Max, Richard and Balaji in India, are raising the level of sales discussion with the entrepreneur community, mostly so that we can help B2B entrepreneurs find, grow and enhance their teams.

I was surprised that there were only 10-12 folks in the audience, since the list of people who can benefit from this is a lot more in Seattle.

I am wondering what it would take to get more folks who are entrepreneurs to attend sales training and enablement sessions instead of only spending time on technical briefings. Thoughts?