I commit

  • To respond to (most) messages  from entrepreneurs seeking my help or advice within 2 days
  • To politely but quickly decline my interest in an investment without wasting time
  • To be empathetic to an entrepreneurs needs and listen more than dispense “advice”
  • To help if I can in any way by connecting them to folk if appropriate
  • To not waste an entrepreneurs time or energy by asking them for data they may not have

This is a post for myself, so you wont find much value here.

Once a while, I forget what makes me happy, excited and moderately successful. So, I have to remind myself. Not with a new year’s resolution, or a birthday resolve or a 5 year plan.

To those who I did not respond who took the time to write me a long email, I apologize.

To those others who do not know me and felt my one line reply of “not a good fit for me” was insufficient, I am sorry.

To most others who encourage my writing by liking on Facebook or commenting, and ReTweeting, sharing, etc. – much thanks. It is you that makes me keep writing. I cannot say how much happiness I derive from getting feedback from your comments – good, bad or indifferent.

I like the “Meh”, as well, so I can keep going higher.

5 thoughts on “I commit”

  1. Mukund, each of your mail is saved in a special folder in my inbox, haven’t deleted even a single one since I have subscribed. Thanks for writing such gems (y)

  2. Sir , Iam thankful to you for introducing me to Mr Rajinish Menon , he has been a great source of inspiration for us and he has been mentoring us for more than a year now. I would like to send you our business pitch for a review. Please let me know your email id.

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