Shoes Matter

It is all about the “Shoe” in most cases, but how do you figure that out

I have been running quite a bit daily for the last 1.5 years and have finally developed a love for it. Took me a long time, but I am finally enjoying it. Over the last 4 weeks though, I noticed a sharp shooting pain in the shin. Not ankle, neither the knee, which most people warned me about, but my shin.

In fact I had such a difficult time that for 2 days, that, I was sidelined with the inability to even walk for 15 minutes without a break.

I kept asking myself what changed?

Turns out it was my shoe.

For mid-range runners like me, shoes matter. They dont apparently (too much) for professionals, which is why you see so many of the top runners doing a barefoot race and winning, and they do slightly for the amateur runner (or maybe a lot, depending on your constitution).

I tried changing my diet, my stretching, my warm ups, blamed it on the extreme cold (30 degrees F some mornings when I wake up to run). I also blamed the extra gear I had to wear to keep warm.

Then I realized I changed my shoe and the new shoes were a comfortable fit, but not designed for running, but for hiking.

That’s all I had to change.

Went back to buy a new pair of my “favorite” shoes that I had no issues with for 1.5 years and the pain in the shin was gone in 2 days.

I wear my shoes out in 3-4 months, so this was a big deal.

So back to entrepreneurship – Paul G has famously said, startups are all about Growth.

You might have heard many people also say SaaS is all about churn.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, with all the conflicting information available, how do you figure out what the “it is in your business”?

Is it trial and error?

Is it reading enough online and going with an “expert”?

Is it go with your gut?

Is it a bunch of hypothesis and a lot of testing?

Or is it “data driven”?

I think the answer to that varies by the entrepreneur, like with most things.

The faster you figure out that it is the shoe, though, the more enjoyable and less painful it gets.