Scale Your Startup

The only 2 ways to scale a startup

If you have anything you want to scale, I think there are only 2 ways to do so.

Before you start to scale you need to document the steps of any “process” or discipline you want to scale.

  1. Additive Scaling: Add more resources, servers, etc. to steps that need more help in your process.
  2. Subtractive Scaling: Eliminate steps by automation.

Which works better?

Additive works better if your are relatively early in your scaling and the steps themselves are hard to replicate.

Automation always works better in the long run though. Which is why algorithms and robots will eliminate many of the current “tasks” performed by humans.

Scale Your Startup
Scale Your Startup


One thought on “The only 2 ways to scale a startup”

  1. There is a third way and perhaps even a fourth way. One can find new markets which may “pull” the product without adding resources. One may find partners who can share the cost but expand the market and reduce BOM…

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