Meet Circle at home

The best solution to monitor and manage your kids Internet usage at home

We have 4 kids and there’s not a day that goes by without a debate on the pros and cons of “monitoring” and “managing” their Internet usage.

We have not had a television for years, but the older two have phones and every one of us has our own notebook. The notebooks were for essays, homework and the like, but I know everyone of us watches some videosĀ and my son is hooked on Minecraft and my daughter on Youtube.

Meet Circle at home
Meet Circle at home

So, when my friend Sachin, recommended Meet Circle I went over to see a demo video and ordered one in a minute.

It is a small device, that connects to your WiFi device and monitors and enforces policies for Internet usage for all devices.

I ordered it on Monday, it costs $106 with taxes and I received it today.

It took me 4 minutes to setup. I had to connect the device to the Power Outlet, then download the app.

After dual authentication using my phone, the app “identified” devices connected to the WiFi router and I was able to set policies on YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, MineCraft, etc.

Absolutely wonderful, simple to use and I’d highly recommend it.

In fact the best part is I have setup policies for myself as well. I wont be on the Internet between 10 pm and 430 am.

It is pretty secure, in fact and I tried to hack my way around it multiple times and failed.

Buy one now if you have kids.