Screwing up

I did screw up. Cant’ say no. I hurt people who trusted me, believed in me, and now are besides themselves. Unfortunately I cannot talk about the details given the legal circumstances, but I truly apologize.

I am sure most people cannot forgive me. Unfortunately throughout my career, I hurt many people either because I was blunt or because I was mean spirited.

I own my mistake, and now I have to course correct. Seeking help is what I am doing. I think the road ahead, though, will be very long.

If you have been trying to reach me, I apologize for not returning your email or WhatsApp note, text or LinkedIn message. I just don’t know yet how I can face or talk to anyone. Most days are filled with tears, reflection and a series of questions about “Why” or “What prompted this”?

Until I can answer those questions, I will have to keep to myself.

I am truly sorry. I don’t ever expect things will be back to “normal” again for most / all of you. I don’t blame you for it at all. I am not taking the high road. I know it is very hard to recover from breaking trust.

I have to now over correct to the other side and fix myself for the sake of others who I have to help.