60 women CTOs to watch #NEXTCTO #FORTUNECTO

GirlGeek has a good piece on 60 women who are engineering and technical leaders. It is a very compiled list and I would recommend giving it a view.

GirlGeek Top 60 engineering leaders to watch

I like this list a lot. I would love to get some more up-and-coming names, however. Most of the women in this list seem like they have already made it.

Some quick observations:

  1. 90% of the women are in the bay area.
  2. 85% are from technology companies (which is to be expected).
  3. Except 6 of them (10%) every one has an advanced degree in engineering.
  4. Google and Salesforce top the list with the most # of women technical leaders at 5 a piece.
  5. Average # of years of experiences among the list is over 13.