The Ride Of a Lifetime: Book Review- Bob Iger The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of  the Walt Disney Company (Audible Audio Edition): Robert Iger, Jim  Frangione, Robert Iger, Random House Audio: Audible Audiobooks

Bob Iger Ride of a lifetime

I am a fan of business autobiographies. I loved Howard Schultz’s Pour your heart into it (4/5), and Shoe Dog Phil Knight (4.5/5) the most of the 50+ books I have read so far. I would give his book 3.5/5.

Since Bill Gates himself recommended the book by Bob Iger, I thought I should read it.

The story itself is pretty compelling, with the first few chapters mostly about his youth and childhood. The story of how he joined ABC, followed by his vision for Disney when he was being considered for the CEO role are the best parts.

I do not want to give the entire book away, but I felt the book itself did not give me any more glimpse into Bob Iger than what I had read in the press before.

He does not address the #MeToo movement issues, the book is very well scripted and he chooses not to reveal anything about himself more than what he feels is necessary and skips all the parts about his relationship with the previous CEO.

The great parts that I loved were his discussion with Steve Jobs before the acquisition of Pixar, the discussion of how the changing media landscape is a catalyst for companies such as ABC, FOX, NBC and CBS.