Make your Bed: Book review Admiral William Mcraven

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the  World: McRaven, Admiral William H.: 9781455570249: Books
Make your bed – Book based on the commencement speech by Admiral William Mcraven

There are some books that are good reminders of the things that you should not forget. While the items themselves are not very illustrative or insightful, the stories that remind you of them are what make them memorable.

This is one such book. The very accomplished Admiral William Mcraven gave a speech at MIT. He is a retired U.S. Navy admiral who directed the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

A former Navy SEAL himself, McRaven retired from the Navy in 2014. A year later he was hired as chancellor of the University of Texas system. He stepped down from the post in 2018 and is now a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin.

You should read his entire speech (below), as well if you are keen. The book is an extended version of this speech.

There are 10 life lessons he reminds you in the book in 10 chapters.

Chapter One: Start Your Day with a Task Completed

Why is attention to detail important in your life and work?

Chapter Two: You Can’t Go It Alone
Why is it important to have a strong network of people who support you? Why is it important to support others in general?

Chapter Three: Only the Size of Your Heart Matters
Why is it important to not judge someone only by their appearance?

Chapter Four: Life’s Not Fair – Drive On!
How do you deal with adversity?

Chapter Five: Failure Can Make you Stronger
What adversity has made you stronger?

Chapter Six: You Must Dare Greatly
How can you “be daring” and take these risks in your life?

Chapter Seven: Stand Up to the Bullies
Sometimes doing what’s right means standing up for what you know is right.

Chapter Eight: Rise to the Occasion
What dark times have you gone through in your life? How did you rise to the occasion?

Chapter Nine: Give People Hope
How do you encourage people when things get rough?

Chapter Ten: Never, Ever Quit!
Why is it important to never quit?

This photo provided by The University of Texas at Austin: Naval Adm. William H. McRaven