The best privacy policy generator for SaaS businesses #GDPR #PRIVACYPOLICY

Privacy policy for SaaS

I have been reviewing Privacy Policies generators over the last few days. If you have a website or an app, I assume you are aware of GDPR and CCPA. These laws required you to be clear about a) what user data you collect from visitors, b) how you store and use that data, and c) who you share the data with.

  1. What user data you collect: For most SaaS apps, you need name and email at the minimum. For some apps phone (for two factor authentication) may also be required. For paid SaaS apps, you might collect credit card, location, address, IP address, etc. Since all of the users data is considered private, your privacy policy needs to be clear that you are collecting all of this data.
  2. How you store and use the data: SaaS apps use the data for email marketing, retargeting, notifications, etc. Your privacy policy needs to outline the uses of all types.
  3. Who you share the data with: If you use 3rd party providers for email marketing, you need to be clear about those as well.

Fortunately most online privacy policy generators do a good job of asking simple questions (guided wizard) and then giving you a policy document that you can link to.

Many founders I know just go to another website and copy / paste their privacy policy and terms of service. While that seems quick and fast, the only time you need these policies to work is if a user litigates. Especially if you have a paid service, I would recommend using a customized privacy policy. Or you can request that you corporate lawyer provides you with a boilerplate template.

There are over 20 privacy policy generators, but for SaaS businesses, I would consider the following 3 for SaaS businesses. I have used Termly and TermsFeed.

  1. TermsFeed: Provides multiple documents including Terms and Conditions and EULA. You can also get free templates for multiple types of legal documents that you can customize.

2. Iubenda: Provides cookie policy, terms and conditions as well. Best solution if most of your customers are from the EU.

3. Termly: Provides policies for multiple platforms, including phone based apps, website and provides automatic updates to policy on changes.