Book review and top FAQ: Maria Shriver – I’ve Been Thinking

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Maria Shriver I’ve Been Thinking

This book was recommended as a top 100 spiritual books of 2020. It was published in 2018 and is about 240 pages.

Maria Shriver is a well known writer, philanthropist and former first lady of California. She is also part of the Kennedy family – John F Kennedy’s niece. This book is a collection of her top 20 or so prayers, meditations and thoughts to live by.

It was breezy read and took me under 2 hours. I did not “reflect” as much, since most of the key takeaways from this book have been mentioned in multiple books I have read recently. I would give it a 3/5. If you have not read other books in the spiritual genre then this is a good read. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a much better read.

What is the top takeaway from this book?

To lead a life of purpose, you need to a) live in the present, b) be grateful, c) think positively, d) develop inner strength (intestinal fortitude and e) be empathetic.

What is different about this book than others?

While the pithy’ s are the same 10-12 things (5 of which I have already mentioned), the difference in this book versus others is the prayers that are included. These tend to be 5-10 lines each.

For e.g. in the chapter on “The Power of Letting Go”. instead of a personal story, the prayer is

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to get go and then do it.”

Ann Landers

What are the key often repeated statements to find purpose?

  1. I am who I choose to become (believe in yourself.
  2. Work on intestinal fortitude. Be strong of mind
  3. Life is yours to create – you control your destiny
  4. Power of peace starts from within – look to change yourself
  5. Power of Gratitude – be thankful for what you have
  6. Power of the mind – train your brain
  7. Power of pause – slow down
  8. Power of Listening
  9. Power of Empathy
  10. Power of Letting go – dont have regrets
  11. Power of thank you
  12. Power of laughter
  13. Power of faith
  14. Power of prayer and meditation
  15. Power of forgiveness
  16. Power of your story
  17. Chasing the illusion of perfection
  18. Acceptance is the path to finding peace
  19. Courage to care – for others
  20. When life throws you a curveball – walk into the woods – find a mentor
  21. It is okay to grieve
  22. Give up on complaining
  23. Stop trying to go it alone
  24. Looking for a light in the cracks – silver lining
  25. Why we need time to think and reflect

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