The #Fintech Landscape

Fintech Landscape CB Insights

There are over 18,000 companies(2) worldwide in the fintech category. FinTech (or Finance Technology) comprises of startups and companies innovating the business of money. In the last decade, there has been over $250 Billion in investments made in this space. (1)

The subsectors within FinTech

The investments from the big organizations reflect the size o these markets – payments and capital markets are the largest (includes investments, loans, etc.).

We discussed the upcoming IPO for Ant financial and their business model. The other top companies in this space are:

  1. Adyen (payments)
  2. Qudian (China)
  3. Xero (SMB)
  4. Stripe (Payments)
  5. Lufax (going public soon)
  6. Affirm (going public soon)
  7. Klarna (Banking)
  8. Robinhood (Investments, Capital markets)
  9. Coinbase (Crypto currency)
  10. Ripple (Crypto currency)