$SNAP Earnings Summary

$SNAP announced earnings today (Apr 22). Revenue was $769.6M (+66% YoY; $462M Q1 2020) vs expectations of $720 – $740M.

Adjusted EBITDA was $(2)M (+81% YoY; $) vs expectations of $(70)M to $(50)M.

EPS loss was $0.00 (+XX$ YoY; $(0.08) Q1 2020)

$SNAP Daily Active Users (DAU) was 280M (+ 22% YoY) vs 265M last quarter and expectations were 270M.

$SNAP APRU (Average Revenue per User) was $2.74 (+66% YoY) vs $2.6 expected.

Operating cash flow of $137M and Free Cash Flow of $126M.


Revenue – $820 – $840M vs. $454M in Q2 2020.

Adjusted EBITDA – $(20)M to breakeven compared to $(96)M loss in Q2 2020.

Earnings slides and presentation.