New IPO Filing DOXIMITY $DOCS Online collaboration for Physicians

$DOCS Doximity offers an online service and app for physicians that allows them to collaborate with colleagues, coordinate patient care, conduct and virtual patients visits. Its service has been used by more than 1.8M (million) physicians — about 80% of all such professionals in the U.S.

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Doximity IPO $DOCS

San Francisco-based Doximity, was founded in 2010 by co-founders Jeff Tangney, Nate Gross and Shari Buck, and is a professional network for physicians with telehealth and scheduling tools. $DOCS filed on Friday with the SEC to raise up to $100M.

Clinician's Network & Healthcare Directory for Doctors, NPs, PAs & RNs
Doximity IPO

$DOCS 2020 revenue grew by 78% to $206.9M, while its net income jumped about 69% to $50.2M. In 2020, the firm expanded into telemedicine and rolled out the telehealth app Doximity Dialer Video, which enables physicians to conduct video calls with patients using a smartphone.

Doximity raises $54M to bring its network to every US physician |  MobiHealthNews

$DOCS said it’s allocating up to 15% of shares in the IPO offering for physicians through a “reserved share program.” That means eligible doctors can get stock at the same price as institutional investors, who so benefit from the IPO pop because they get early allocation and don’t have to wait for trading to begin to buy shares.

Doximity -- the 'LinkedIn for doctors' -- has signed up more than half of  U.S. physicians | VentureBeat

$DOCS hasn’t raised outside capital since 2014. It raised a total of about $80M in venture funding and spends very little on marketing.

Clinician's Network & Healthcare Directory for Doctors, NPs, PAs & RNs
$DOCS News app for Doctors

$DOCS generates 80% of revenue from medical and pharmaceutical companies who use the app as a way to reach doctors. The top 20 Pharma companies are all customers of Doximity. The remaining 20% comes from hiring fees it generates from hospitals.

$DOCS Doximity said it has more than 600 subscription customers, including 200 that spent $100,000 in 2020.

Of those, 29 spent at least $1M. Subscriptions accounted for 93% of total revenue.

 $DOCS competes with $MSFT LinkedIn (but is more specific and focused), as well as with $TDOC (Teledoc) and $AMWL (American Well).

$DOCS estimates the total addressable market to be approximately $18.5B. This comprises a $7.3B in U.S. pharmaceutical marketing to medical professionals, a $6.9B in U.S. health system marketing and staffing, and a $4.3B in U.S. software telehealth.


Revenue is relatively concentrated within a small number of key customers, and the loss of one or more of such key customers could slow the growth rate of revenue or cause our revenue to decline.


While the valuation of the company and share price is still unknown, it is likely to be in the $2B – $3B range. I will update this post when we have more information on comparables.