I write about startups, technology and entrepreneurship.

I founded and sold BuzzGain, a leader in Do It Yourself PR, to Meltwater. I have also failed at several startups and succeeded at others.

Besides having held executive and management roles at Microsoft Ventures, Hewlett Packard (Mercury Interactive), I have also worked at Cisco Systems. I studied at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science and have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and computer science from the University of Mysore in India.

15 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mukund you are one of best speakers in the venture capital and start up eco-system. Your candor is very refreshing and your insights quite useful – a boon to any seminar host. I must add from personal experience that you also keep your word. So many times I have met someone at a conference or seminar and they promise to meet off site or at their office to take discussions further and when contacted forget all about it. Deciding not to meet is fine as long as one does not promise about it. You on the other hand, due to the popularity of your speeches, do end up meeting a lot of people but keep your word with whatever follow up action you had promised! very refreshing.
    Godspeed my friend.

  2. I chanced upon your blog and it was very refreshing to see the candor and straight-from-the-gut talk minus the jargon. Keep up the good work..looking forward to keep reading new posts in your blog.

  3. I agree. Mukund understands his field like no other. I am a journalist, spoke to him for a story and he explained everything to me in a very simple manner. Its been a privilege knowing him.

  4. Hey Mukund,

    I saw your pitch at BizSpark this year, I could totally relate to that style 🙂

    Was hoping to catch you at the Conquest mentoring session, but I hear that didn’t work out.

    Would love to catch up with you in person once. Good luck for HeyMaya, it’s pretty cool.

    Brijesh Bharadwaj
    CEO, Tune Patrol
    Undergraduate student, BITS Pilani

  5. I am a new entrepreneur and currently running a business of data center re-locations of IT companies in India. I am looking for a good mentor who can help me in taking decisions and expanding business further. If anybody know kindly inform me, I will be very thankful to you.

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