5 Best Free Online Meeting App to Make Virtual Interaction

Best Free Online Meeting App
Best Free Online Meeting App

Looking for the best free online meeting app? Well, technology is evolving every day, even having a positive impact on many people including making work and human tasks easier. At the same time, because this is the technological development that makes many companies provide hybrid-based jobs, where employees can work in the office as well as work from home.

Of course, to connect a lot of employees who are working from home or there are other online discussion activities, companies must choose a trusted online meeting application. For those of you who are looking for the best online meeting applications, here are 5 recommendations for best online meetings that you can try!

Best Free Online Meeting App Recommendations

These list of the best free online meeting app are not only used for discussions or business meetings, but also can be used for private les, webinars, workshops, to online based education. There are online meetings that provide convenience and energy savings for many people, even having a wide reach.

You can even reach out to people abroad. Where this online conference event is also very positive for those who can’t attend face-to-face, can attend through online.
Here are the 5 best online meeting apps you can use when conducting meetings or other online discussions, among them the following:

1. Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting

The first best free online meeting app is Zoom meeting. This app is very easy to access, you can access it from your computer, tablet or smartphone. It also has a variety of interesting backgrounds and effects that you may use when online meetings take place.

The advantage of Zoom meeting is that the audio is given clearly, you also can share files directly with the ‘Share Screen’ menu, then this app can also load many people up to hundreds even thousands of people in one meeting call. It is no wonder that Zoom Meeting is the first choice of many people.

2. Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet, this best free online meeting app is a huge and belongs to the Google Company. Which is how it works just like other online meeting applications. This Google Meet app also has an easy-to-use layout.

Users can start or join a meeting, send an invitation via email or text messages, use chat features during meetings, blur backgrounds or select a unique background image while a meeting is taking place, and present files or discussion results using the “Share screen” feature.

3. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is capable of facilitating the kinds of interactions that need to be used by educators, including interpersonal interactions, interactions between students and computers, as well as intra personnel interactions.

This best free online meeting app also provides convenience for users, even users can not only submit and present results and files, but they can also create special space here for small-scale discussions while the main discussion screen is on.

Cisco Webex can also be easily installed on a variety of personal and mobile devices such as Smartphones, PCs, Laptops, Notebooks, and Tablet PCs as long as they are still within Internet reach. WebEx Meeting combines communication over the phone with a display on a computer screen

4. Skype


The next best online meeting application is Skype. It’s already familiar to many people. It connects many people easily, making it easy for users to send text messages, pictures, and files to their Skype contacts, facilitating daily communication. Besides, Skype also has the cheapest international call rates than any other online meeting app.

5. Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team

Then, Microsoft Team is also the best free online meeting app that can connect many people at a time. In addition to providing a comfortable location with stable audio, this online meeting app also provides ease in sharing, accessing and managing files and even provides useful collaborative features for editing files simultaneously.

There’s a lot of best free online meeting app you can use. However, one thing to know before you choose an online meeting application is to make sure that the application you are using is trusted and that its security is vigilant.

This is done so that what you discuss and arrange is not heard by irresponsible people. It is also a way to keep private secrets safe. That’s the review of an online meeting application that can add your information before choosing another meeting application.

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