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The Microsoft Surface: Why I’d buy it

Microsoft announced a new device today called the Surface. I’d buy it immediately if it were available. Why?

1. I dont believe it is a tablet, although it can be used as one. I believe it falls into the same line as the Mac Book Air. Its a really thin notebook with a Z-height that’s simply awesome. Light and yet fully functional. I use my iPad purely for leisure – reading mostly and the kids use it for gaming. To get work done, I need a notebook. My current notebook’s pretty heavy and I’d love the ability to add a keyboard (which is what the surface does very well). So, out goes my notebook and its going to be replaced by the Surface.

2. I dont think the partners (HP, Dell, etc.) are going to get happy with Microsoft, because they’d now be competing with the device, but I also think MSFT is borrowing a leaf from the Google Android playbook. The Galaxy nexus was by far the best Android device I have used (Got it as a gift from my brother at Google), but Samsung Galaxy S II and S III (and the others like HTC) are pretty good as well. I think MSFT is creating a benchmark for what a great device running their software will look like.

3. My primary use of computing on the go is my mobile device. I tried the iPad, but its not suited for my style of intense use of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and some development. I need a notebook, but one that’s a lot less heavy and if I dont need the keyboard I want the option of using it as a leisure device as well – (as an iPad if you like).

I’d buy it and give away my notebook if it were available today.