How to Dress Up for Job Interview for Men and Women

How to Dress Up for Job Interview
How to Dress Up for Job Interview

You need to know how to dress up for job interview properly to get the best first impression. While a hiring manager might interview you based on your information in your application documents and your credentials, dressing up appropriately can also help you make a strong first impression. 

Understanding how to dress for a job interview will make you more confident. Most importantly, showing your professionalism and preparedness. In this article, we will explain to you how to dress well for an interview. So, keep reading!

Having Good Hygiene

Hygiene is Matter
Hygiene is Matter

Before we explain how to dress up for job interview, we want to start from the basic preparation. Of course, bad hygiene can ruin the world’s best outfit. It is definitely important for you to take time to have a clean and fresh body before you go to your interview, or your potential employers will think you are careless and sloppy. 

Therefore, always shower the day of your interview. Even if you are busy before going to your interview, you can take the time to wash your hair and body as close to the time of the interview as you can. Not only will make your skin look fresh and clean, but also you will feel better as you feel more refreshed. 

In addition, wash your hands right before the interview. It is likely that the first thing you need to do when you walk into the interview is shake hands. Therefore, it is important that your hands are clean, smell nice, and of course are not sticky or just plain dirty. 

How to Dress Up for Job Interview for Men and Women

Finding the right clothes on how to dress up for job interview can be stressful. We all know that the first impression commonly sticks. Wearing clothes that look perfect on you and fit the style of the interviewing company will make all the difference when it comes to getting “that” getting a job. Well, here is a complete guide that you can learn to find the best clothes for your job interview soon. 

How to Dress for Job Interview Men Properly

Man Wearing Long-Sleeved Shirt
Man Wearing Long-Sleeved Shirt

No matter what the type of job you are applying for, it is crucial to look neat and tidy. It is OK to show a little personality, but it is a good idea to avoid loud clothing choices like ties with characters or noisy patterns. These are some ways on how to dress for job interview men.

1. Having the Right Top

To give a strong impression, men should have a simple, clean, well-ironed top. To understand how to dress up for job interview, having a top that fits well over the shoulders, is long enough in the torso and sleeves, and is free of stains or wrinkles is the factor of success. 

  • Professional Environment: You can wear a solid color suit top, long-sleeved shirt, and matching tie. However, avoid a tie that is too goofy or loud and pick a good, simple color, or quiet pattern
  • Business Casual Environment: You can try khaki top, a sweater, or a well-ironed short sleeved button-down shirt. Your ties must still be professional, however, you can choose a more fun color or pattern
  • Casual Environment: On how to dress up for job interview, you can choose a well-fitting cotton shirt, however, avoid your favorite t-shirt.

2. Having the Right Pair of Pants

The right pair of pants on how to dress up for job interview can go a long way in showing that you will be professional and competent in the work environment. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Your pants should match your sweater or suit top if you are applying in a professional or business casual environment
  • You need to make sure that your pants are well-ironed and are the right length and size. Moreover, your ankles must not peek out under your pants
  • Don’t wear jeans, even if you are dressing for a casual work environment. You can wear jeans if you are actually hired
  • You also have to avoid wearing shorts at all costs. You will look like you are on vacation instead of how to dress up for job interview

3. Having the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Your hire managers will notice your feet and the right pair of shoes can make or break your outfit. So, here are some tips you should follow:

  • Choose shoes that are clean, shiny, and preferably new
  • Make sure that your shoes match the rest of your clothes
  • You can wear shoes that are a good color, preferably black or brown for a professional environment. Leather business shoes or classic loafers are the safest item
  • However, remember to have shoes appropriate to the culture. You can choose more casual wingtips to a casual interview, but avoid wearing the flip flop at all costs
  • On how to dress up for job interview you can wear subtle socks. Your socks must have a solid color and preferably dark or otherwise just coordinated, matching either your pants, shoes or dress shirt. In addition, they should be high enough to cover your ankles if you sit or cross your legs

4. Having the Right Accessories

On how to dress up for job interview for men, accessories should be kept at an absolute minimum. However, the right accessories also can add a nice touch to a perfect outfit. Here are some tips that will make your look more good:

  • You can wear a nice silver or gold watch. Make sure it is tasteful and not too flashy
  • A solid-color leather belt combine with a silver buckle will tie your outfit together

How to Dress for Job Interview Female Perfectly

Woman Wearing Best Professional Interview Outfit
Woman Wearing Best Professional Interview Outfit

Whether you have an interview at a top company in the city or if you are applying for a job in a start-up, these are some tips you can follow on how to dress for a female job interview.

1. Having a Fresh Face

On how to dress up for job interview, your face will be the first thing that employers see. Therefore, you should look professional and fresh. To have a fresh have, here are some tips that you can do:

  • Applying nice and subtle natural eye makeup. You can use dark eyeliner, subtle eyeshadow, and black mascara to show your employers that you have spent time on your appearance
  • Wear a nude or red lipstick
  • Don’t wear too much makeup. You just need enough makeup to make a strong impression, however, avoid hot pink lipstick, globs of blush, or even bright green eyeshadow. It will make you look like you are going to the clubs instead to a job interview

2. Wear the Perfect Top

The perfect top on how to dress up for job interview is an important part of your outfit. Avoid overlooking the effect that the right or wrong top can have on your opportunities of getting hired. 

  • Professional Environment: You can wear a suit top or a coordinated blouse. Your top should be black or blue
  • Business Casual or Casual Environment: It is good to choose a nice sweater or cardigan

3. Wear the Perfect Skirt

On how to dress up for job interview, you can wear a black or navy-blue pencil skirt. More ideal if it is coming just down to your knees. Remember as it should nicely match your top and should be clean, ironed, and tasteful.

4. Having Killer Shoes

The perfect shoes can tie your outfit together. Your hire managers will notice your feet when you are sitting down. So, it is important to have the right look. Some tips you can do are:

  • Choose a pair of shoes that are one solid color, but preferably black
  • Don’t show your toes
  • On how to dress up for job interview perfectly, don’t wear platforms or stiletto, you should have nice high heels. Make sure you are walking in them before you go to your job interview. Check if your heels are not worn down or don’t have dirt clinging to the bottom

5. Wear the Perfect Accessories

Even though you need to avoid too many accessories on how to dress up for job interview, the right ones can make your interviewer notice. 

  • Don’t wear too many piercings
  • Choose the tasteful and beautiful jewelry like quiet silver necklace, bracelet, or ring will help your classy look
  • Bring a simple briefcase or portfolio
  • A nice one-colored will make your entire outfit perfect

Well, those are some tips on how to dress up for job interview that you should pay attention to. Interviews can be stressful, so you need to show the best of yourself to boost your self-confidence, and importantly can make your interviewer notice your appearance. Don’t forget to put a smile on your face when entering the interview room. It will be your lucky moment!

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