How to Screenshot Windows 10 with 6 Easy Ways

How to Screenshot Windows 10
How to Screenshot Windows 10

Do you know how to screenshot Windows 10? When taking online work meetings, we can be left behind if we want to record all the information displayed one by one. This is where the screenshot can help you to copy the data. This feature can help you during work because you can save important information on your device in just a few seconds.

How to Screenshot Windows 10 with Easy Ways

Actually, there are several ways to take screenshots on a laptop that you can use easily. But you need to remember if it’s important to know various methods because some methods may not work because your keyboard doesn’t support it.

In general, every laptop that uses Windows OS, starting from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, to Windows 11 has the same method of capturing screenshots.

However, for the newer OS, some ways were probably changed or added to take screenshots. Some new methods are usually not working on older versions. So, to find out the difference, here’s how to screenshot Windows 10.

1. Press the “PrtScn” or Print Screen button

The first way on how to screenshot Windows 10, you can simply press the PrtScn button. If you press this button, the entire screen display is automatically captured and saved into the clipboard. 

However, you need to remember that for some laptops you need to use the Fn button to perform this function. Unfortunately the results you have captured are not immediately saved in the library.

To open the file, you need to open Google Docs or Microsoft Paint first then you need to right click and select paste. The screenshot will appear and you can save it by clicking the diskette logo in the top left corner. Very easy right?

2. “Alt” and “PrtSc” Keys combination

Compared to the previous method on how to screenshot Windows 10, this is the perfect way to capture important things when you have lots of open windows and a large display. This method is also quite easy even if you are a beginner. 

When you press all those combination buttons, you can take a screenshot of the active window. This key combination will only capture the active window without capturing the screen background. This is what makes this combination look special from the first method.

Unfortunately, the results will be saved in the clipboard so you need to use Microsoft Paint like the method above.

3. “Win” and “Print Screen” combination

The next method on how to screenshot Windows 10 is with this combination. Originally, this method was implemented in Windows XP but no longer updated. Now, you can use this combination on Windows OS 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and the new Windows 11 series.

For information, for some computers or laptops this key combination may not work so you can use the Alt + Fn + PrtSc buttons combination instead. Fortunately, the result will be saved in the “Screenshot” folder automatically. This means, you don’t need to use Microsoft Paint or other applications.

To check the file, you just need to go to file explorer (Windows + E) and select the Picture folder in the left side panel (navigation panel). In this folder you can see the screenshot images that you took with the png extension.

4. “Windows” + “Shift” + “S” 

On how to screenshot Windows 10, this key combination is well known as Snip and Sketch. You can screenshot according to your wishes.This key combination will change your screen to gray and change the cursor to a plus symbol (+).

You just need to click and drag to capture the screen according to the area you want. The part of the screen that you captured will change color to bright. Once finished, the screenshot will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. The capturing images will be saved in the clipboard. To open it, you can use Microsoft Paint as in the previous explanation.

5. “Windows Key” + “Shift” + “S”  

The snipping tool is part of Windows OS (built-in application). With this application on how to screenshot Windows 10, you don’t need to remember many combinations. You also can capture the screen display according to the area you want.  

The format of the screenshot taken can be in various shapes such as rectangular, active window only, or even full screen. Not only that, you are still able to crop the “image” if you feel it is not suitable. You can also add strikethrough to your screenshot to explain something so it’s easier to understand. 

To use this feature on how to screenshot Windows 10, you can put the keyword “Snipping Tools” in the “Start” menu. Once the application opens, press the “New” option and select the screenshot area. After that, you can immediately save the screenshot image or re-take the screenshot if it doesn’t feel right.

6. Game Bar

Are you a professional gamer or a content creator? If you are playing a game and want to take a screenshot, you can try how to screenshot Windows 10. The Game Bar feature provided by Windows 10 allows gamers who want to take footage or screenshots of Windows games. But before using this feature, you must first open the Xbox application, which is a built-in feature of Windows 10.

After that, open the settings menu and press the Game DVR tab. Then click the box that says “record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR” or “Take screenshots using Game DVR”. When running a game, you can also use the default Windows + G key combination.

When you want to take a screenshot, press the button you have set, then click “Yes this is a game” if it appears. Then, a pop up will appear with various menus that you can choose.

You can select the camera icon to capture the game display in the form of an image and press Windows+Alt+PrtSc at the same time to take a screenshot. Remember, this screenshot feature will only work in Xbox games and apps.  

In general on how to screenshot Windows 10, you can find screenshots in File – Pictures – Screenshots. For screenshots in the form of videos, you can find them at VideoCaptures. Certain key combinations require us to paste the screenshot in the clipboard in another application.

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