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How to Screenshot Windows 10 with 6 Easy Ways



How to Screenshot Windows 10

Do you know how to screenshot Windows 10? When taking online work meetings, we can be left behind if we want to record all the information displayed one by one. This is where the screenshot can help you to copy the data. This feature can help you during work because you can save important information on your device in just a few seconds.

How to Screenshot Windows 10 with Easy Ways

Actually, there are several ways to take screenshots on a laptop that you can use easily. But you need to remember if it’s important to know various methods because some methods may not work because your keyboard doesn’t support it.

In general, every laptop that uses Windows OS, starting from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, to Windows 11 has the same method of capturing screenshots.

However, for the newer OS, some ways were probably changed or added to take screenshots. Some new methods are usually not working on older versions. So, to find out the difference, here’s how to screenshot Windows 10.

1. Press the “PrtScn” or Print Screen button

The first way on how to screenshot Windows 10, you can simply press the PrtScn button. If you press this button, the entire screen display is automatically captured and saved into the clipboard. 

However, you need to remember that for some laptops you need to use the Fn button to perform this function. Unfortunately the results you have captured are not immediately saved in the library.

To open the file, you need to open Google Docs or Microsoft Paint first then you need to right click and select paste. The screenshot will appear and you can save it by clicking the diskette logo in the top left corner. Very easy right?

2. “Alt” and “PrtSc” Keys combination

Compared to the previous method on how to screenshot Windows 10, this is the perfect way to capture important things when you have lots of open windows and a large display. This method is also quite easy even if you are a beginner. 

When you press all those combination buttons, you can take a screenshot of the active window. This key combination will only capture the active window without capturing the screen background. This is what makes this combination look special from the first method.

Unfortunately, the results will be saved in the clipboard so you need to use Microsoft Paint like the method above.

3. “Win” and “Print Screen” combination

The next method on how to screenshot Windows 10 is with this combination. Originally, this method was implemented in Windows XP but no longer updated. Now, you can use this combination on Windows OS 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and the new Windows 11 series.

For information, for some computers or laptops this key combination may not work so you can use the Alt + Fn + PrtSc buttons combination instead. Fortunately, the result will be saved in the “Screenshot” folder automatically. This means, you don’t need to use Microsoft Paint or other applications.

To check the file, you just need to go to file explorer (Windows + E) and select the Picture folder in the left side panel (navigation panel). In this folder you can see the screenshot images that you took with the png extension.

4. “Windows” + “Shift” + “S” 

On how to screenshot Windows 10, this key combination is well known as Snip and Sketch. You can screenshot according to your wishes.This key combination will change your screen to gray and change the cursor to a plus symbol (+).

You just need to click and drag to capture the screen according to the area you want. The part of the screen that you captured will change color to bright. Once finished, the screenshot will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. The capturing images will be saved in the clipboard. To open it, you can use Microsoft Paint as in the previous explanation.

5. “Windows Key” + “Shift” + “S”  

The snipping tool is part of Windows OS (built-in application). With this application on how to screenshot Windows 10, you don’t need to remember many combinations. You also can capture the screen display according to the area you want.  

The format of the screenshot taken can be in various shapes such as rectangular, active window only, or even full screen. Not only that, you are still able to crop the “image” if you feel it is not suitable. You can also add strikethrough to your screenshot to explain something so it’s easier to understand. 

To use this feature on how to screenshot Windows 10, you can put the keyword “Snipping Tools” in the “Start” menu. Once the application opens, press the “New” option and select the screenshot area. After that, you can immediately save the screenshot image or re-take the screenshot if it doesn’t feel right.

6. Game Bar

Are you a professional gamer or a content creator? If you are playing a game and want to take a screenshot, you can try how to screenshot Windows 10. The Game Bar feature provided by Windows 10 allows gamers who want to take footage or screenshots of Windows games. But before using this feature, you must first open the Xbox application, which is a built-in feature of Windows 10.

After that, open the settings menu and press the Game DVR tab. Then click the box that says “record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR” or “Take screenshots using Game DVR”. When running a game, you can also use the default Windows + G key combination.

When you want to take a screenshot, press the button you have set, then click “Yes this is a game” if it appears. Then, a pop up will appear with various menus that you can choose.

You can select the camera icon to capture the game display in the form of an image and press Windows+Alt+PrtSc at the same time to take a screenshot. Remember, this screenshot feature will only work in Xbox games and apps.  

In general on how to screenshot Windows 10, you can find screenshots in File – Pictures – Screenshots. For screenshots in the form of videos, you can find them at VideoCaptures. Certain key combinations require us to paste the screenshot in the clipboard in another application.

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Blockchain Technology Works More Than Crypto




Blockchain Technology

In the modern era where almost everything is digital, you may know or at least hear if blockchain technology is one of the biggest innovations in this era. Thanks to this system, it has changed the way the world trades, communicates, and works in many fields such as finance, logistics, and government. 

What is Blockchain?

You probably have heard about blockchain technology, but do you know what it really is? For short, it actually can be defined as a growing list of blocks where each block is linked to the previous block. The block in the system represents a collection of transactions with a timestamp and a hash of the previous block.

In simple terms, blockchain also can be described as a digital transaction storage system. This system will permanently record every transaction you made and save the data in a public database called a ledger or ledger where the ledger represents distributed transactions.

Implementation of Blockchain Technology in Life

As we know, nowadays the development of crypto assets is increasingly popular with the general public. Unfortunately, even though the existence of crypto cannot be separated from a technology called blockchain many people still assume if crypto is blockchain itself.

This is actually not true, in fact blockchain technology underlies the development of many crypto assets such as Bitcoin and NFT (Non Fungible Token). So, apart from being the fundamental for developing digital assets, what are the other benefits of this system and implemented in our life? If you want to know, here are a few examples.

1. Government Transparency

As we explained at the beginning, blockchain technology can be very effective in storing transactions and information traces which will be very useful for government audits since it can be seen by the general public without having to go through a login process first.

This is because this technology also works as a real-time monitoring of e-government services and government contracts. Blockchain technology is fundamental for the development of good and efficient public services where all institutions can easily and transparently share their data.

For your information, blockchain actually allows inter-departmental data storage in a private network, providing authentication on each network so that it can be useful in building trust and confidentiality.

As a database, this system is designed to store your information in a digital format so it can maintain records safely and organized.

Unlike banking systems, the blockchain is different because all the data, information and even funds that you provided will not be known by unauthorized people without your knowledge or permission.

Not only is it effective, the blockchain can also make your life easier and provide a sense of security due to the principle of transparency that we have explained. Not only that, this principle is also very useful for minimizing the embezzlement by certain individuals.

In addition, this is still controversial but many developed countries are considering using this system for voting. In the future, voters will receive an ID which also functions as a verification medium where their vote is registered on the system and counted officially.

2. Healthcare

Do you know if blockchain technology also can be used in healthcare including health insurance, drug supply, biomedical research, medical education, electronic health records, procurement processes, and other patient service needs?.

The database in the blockchain is appended only, where you can only add information but cannot access to correct the data. With this system, it will make hackers who want to attack or steal your data difficult to enter.

During a healthcare worker crisis like today, this system will be of great help. When an organization needs someone for a certain position, they only need to issue a smart contract on the blockchain system. This can help job applicants to see more information on each job position.

3. Finance

In finance, blockchain has become an important tool because it is very useful in simplifying banking processes, reducing risk, credit services, and reducing processing time. Apart from that, this system also makes it possible to track any accounting transactions.

This is because the system is created as a digital ledger which only can be accessed and visited by anyone, anywhere and anytime without having to ask for approval or permission from the banks.

Please take a note if the system does seem profitable at first glance, but you need to remember that no system is perfect. If there are advantages, of course there are disadvantages that need to be considered. Therefore, if you want to use this system, you should also pay attention to the negative impacts of blockchain technology, so that you understand the risks that may occur.

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Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality, Which is Better?




Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

New technology such as Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality can be really interesting for the younger generation. With these technologies, you as the users can experience virtual worlds that look real and interesting. Even though at first glance they are similar, these two are completely different technologies.

Know the Difference of Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the latest technology, AR and VR may make you struggle to tell the difference. But, once you understand the meaning of the two, you will know the difference. For information, here are a number of differences between Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality that you need to know.

1. Experience

In Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality is technology that separates the real and virtual worlds while Augmented Reality “combines” both of the worlds. Because it just separated the worlds,  Augmented Reality users only experience 25% virtual and 75% real. Meanwhile, it’s different for Virtual Reality users where you can experience 75% virtual and 25% real worlds.

For the short, Augmented Reality is a real world that adds a little bit of digital elements without actual interaction because Augmented Reality only enhances your virtual experience while Virtual Reality makes you “jump” to the virtual world.

As one of the technology changed the world, Augmented Reality can improve our shopping experience by displaying clothes or furniture real time in your gadget before purchasing. You just need some gadgets such as tablets or mobile phones to use it.  

2. Equipment 

As we know, Virtual Reality uses fancy equipment that can cost you thousands of dollars to experience the digital world deeper. Meanwhile, Augmented Reality only needs a smartphone camera and sometimes no headset is required. Unfortunately, it still requires bandwidth above 100 Mbps meanwhile Virtual Reality only uses 50 Mbps connection.

Just for your information, this Augmented Reality technology actually has been used on a daily basis since it can be found on social media. That’s why it is much cheaper than Virtual Reality since it doesn’t need much high end technology.

Meanwhile, Virtual Reality will make you disconnected from the real world and completely enter the virtual world through multiple specific devices such as the Pico 4 and Meta Quest 2.

Please take note if Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality also focuses on simulating your vision so you have to wear an extra headset screen in front of your eyes. Two lenses will be placed between your eyes and you need to adjust it according to eye movements and your position. Why? Because it will eliminate any interaction with the real world.

For the better result, you can use glasses, speakers, and sometimes handheld wearable to fully immersive digital experience. You also can change the visuals on the screen using an HDMI cable that is connected to a computer or smartphone. In this virtual world, you can use visual and tactile stimulation so that the “vision” looks more immersive.

With this technology, you may feel yourself to be in the real world where you also can touch, hear, and interact with the surrounding area. By using some of the tools above, you will enter the digital world even deeper.

3. How Does It Works

To know more about Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality, the technology may look very advanced but in reality the way Augmented Reality devices work is actually quite simple. It only involves computer vision, mapping, and in-depth tracking by using your camera to collect, transmit and process the data so the content is suitable for the user.

Compared to Virtual Reality, it is more complicated because it is actually a simulation produced by a computer. If you look deeper, it uses the same technology that is used in 3D films and video games graphics because it helps create simulations that resemble the real world. 

To make it more “real” and “immerses” you can use computers and sensory devices. This technology will “enhance” the sensation from sight, hearing, to touch. It’s very different from Augmented Reality which is only limited to visuals. Now, you know the differences between Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality.

Final Words

Apart from the differences between Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality above, both can be used simultaneously. Generally, the two blend nicely to create a better immersive experience for users in the fictional world. 

The way to do this is by providing a new dimension of interaction between the real and virtual worlds using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality at the same time. So, think carefully before you buy one of these technologies.

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Will GOC Technology Shape Our Future Digital Industry?




GOC Technology

Most of us may haven’t heard about GOC technology before but do you know if this kind of technology has actually started to become popular? This technology may not be well known by the general public like smartphones, but this one actually quite revolutionary.

In fact, it may be more present in your everyday life without you realizing it. This technology is actually used in many fields such as personalized recommendations on your favorite streaming platforms and advanced voice recognition in your virtual assistants. GOC already integrates into many aspects of our device and shapes our digital experience.

Understanding What is GOC Technology

We do realize that the world of modern day technology is always evolving almost every day with new advances in technology and superior features. But, among all the new technology around us, GOC technology can be called as a revolutionary that completely changes the way we interact with the digital world.

For your information, GOC is actually an abbreviation for Glass Optical Communication. From its name, you can tell if this technology is related to optical fiber communication that is used to transmit data and the internet. Without this, we can’t access anything from our digital world.

But what exactly is so important about GOC, and how does it impact our daily lives? First, the most important thing about this technology is it plays a significant part in transforming our digital economy and industry. Why? Because it helps enhance our data security, simplifying financial operations and enhancing your experience as a customer.

Nowadays, you can find this technology applied in many finance industries especially in Finance Technology aka Fintech. With the integration of the new Artificial Intelligence program, this type of business can be more effective and efficient because it can make decisions from data with superior accuracy.

Just like any digital business, the key for a successful FinTech is innovation which GOC Technology also will take a big part. Now, imagine a fast network that connects between computers where each one is storage for frequently accessed data.

When you request information, GOC will automatically route your request to a nearby server that stores a copy of the data/information you ask. This system may look simple but this process will reduce latency significantly and make sure you receive the information that you need without a long delay.

The Benefit of GOC Technology

The fact that GOC technology offers many benefits that can improve your experience is significantly true. But, what exactly other benefits can you gain from this technology? According to our source, these advantages include:

1. Reduced Latency

If you don’t know, latency is the time lag between the cause and effect of some physical change in an observed system. In short, latency is a delay in network communications.  By reducing the latency, the process of sending your data will become faster so you can receive it without lag.

Just like we explain above, GOC technology will reduce the latency significantly by storing the data closer to the user. With this method, your load times will be faster because GOC uses special and unique glass fiber that can optimize its speed and performance.

With this, attenuation or the weakening of the signal that used to happen every time it went through the medium (conventional fiber optic) can be reduced significantly.

2. Improved Scalability

Not only for finance, this technology is actually also beneficial for internet marketer especially if you always work with SEO. GOC technology is able to increase the scaling smoothly, this will allow the system to increase data requests and cycle traffic effectively.

The correlation between GOC and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is actually quite important. Understanding how GOC impacts on searching algorithms will significantly help with your businesses online visibility.

3. Improved Performance

By reducing the latency, GOC will optimize your network performance, make it smoother to use. The technology also plays an important role in CDNs because it can deliver your content such as websites, images and videos around the world within a short time.

This GOC also gives a positive impact on your user experience since it can be used to create a more user-friendly digital world.

4. Enhanced Reliability

The best benefit from GOC is not only it will increase network but your data still can be accessible even if your servers experience downtime.

Looking ahead, the future of GOC technology seems more promising and even more advanced every day. As technology continues to develop, we hope GOC will play a more important role in shaping the next generation of digital industry and innovation.

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