The Dark Side of Indonesia Emas 2045 and at Risk of Failure

Indonesia Emas 2045
Indonesia Emas 2045

Indonesia is a developing country that aspires to become a developed country in the future. To realize this, the Indonesian government has put it into the National Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPN) 2025-2045, otherwise known as the goal of realizing Indonesia Emas 2045.

Obviously, to achieve the Indonesia Emas 2045, the Government and all Indonesians must work together to achieve it. On the other hand, careful planning and strategies must also be launched immediately, so that all plans can run well and the idea of Indonesia Emas 2045 can be implemented.

However, who would have thought that behind the planning there are some dark sides and cases that could be a big obstacle to the realization of the Golden Indonesia 2045 plan later. Here are the dark sides of Indonesia Emas 2045 that could be threatened with failure because of this!

Getting to know the Indonesia Emas 2045 Programme

Indonesia aspires to become a country with a per capita income equal to developed countries, so that it can get out of the Middle-Income Trap (MIT). Therefore, Indonesia needs to change its approach in building the future, from reformative to transformative, through three areas of change, namely economic, social and governance transformation.

To realize this goal, Indonesia has put it into the National Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPN) 2025-2045, otherwise known as the goal of realizing the next Indonesia Emas 2045.

Then, to realize the Indonesia Emas 2045 requires, very much requires, smart execution. And it takes smart leadership, by strong leadership, who is brave and good at finding solutions to every state problem that comes.

In addition, the Government and all Indonesian people must be ready to help each other and unite to achieve the Golden Indonesia 2045 by utilizing natural resources and good processing.  In fact, the level of Indonesia’s economic sector has also improved and even became the Top 20 Countries with the best economic level 2023 according to GDP.

It can be said that Indonesia is slowly starting to grow well in every sector. Nevertheless, Indonesia still needs to be prepared to face various challenges that will arise, which are related to increasing human resource productivity, increasing capital productivity, climate change, and the challenges of global stability in the future which are increasingly dynamic.

The Dark Side that Could Make Indonesia Emas 2045 Failed to Achieve

To achieve Indonesia Emas 2045, all citizens must work together. However, there are some things that could be a threat that makes this nation’s ideals fail. Here are some of the dark sides of Indonesia Emas 2045 that could fail to be achieved if not dealt with quickly.

1. Incompetent Next Generation

One of the obstacles to the achievement of the Indonesia Emas 2045 is the incompetent next generation. Even today, many young people are lazy to hone their skills, they only depend on others. This makes it difficult for Indonesia to advance creatively and skillfully.

2. The Nation’s Problematic Generation

Indonesia will not develop, if the generation of the nation has problems such as juvenile delinquency, committing deviations, consuming drugs and so on. This is what causes the nation’s generation to be damaged so that later there will be nothing for the country to be proud of, but only become the scum of society because of their actions.

3. Inadequate processing of natural resources

One reason why the Indonesia Emas 2045 will not grow, if the management of natural resources is still not maximized and given to foreigners. On the other hand, corruption is still rampant so that the achievement of a Golden Indonesia will be difficult to achieve if it is not eradicated early on.

The three things above can be an obstacle to the achievement of Indonesia becoming a developed country. So, to overcome these problems, Indonesia can increase equality of opportunity and access to quality education and health, formal sector employment, basic infrastructure, and comprehensive social security.

Final Words

This is a brief review of the dark side that hinders the achievement of Indonesia Emas 2045. 

If Indonesia intends to become a better country in 2045, then there are several things that can block this, namely corrupt government, loss of nationalism in citizens, divisions within the nation, natural resources taken by foreigners, mentality and attitude of the generation. Surely, these must be addressed before they hinder the development of the country.

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