10 Most in Demand Jobs Right Now for Millennials and Gen Z

Most in Demand Jobs Right
Most in Demand Jobs Right

Looking for most in demand jobs right now can be very challenging. Not only is the global economy still not back to normal, but massive development of new technologies like robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) make the job market more competitive than before.

If we look deeper, it is not only job seekers who are affected by this “trend” but also the industry. Almost all companies (small, medium, or big) in various fields are starting to go digital. This means they need employees who are experts in technology and data.

Most in Demand Jobs Right Now for Millennial and Gen Z

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In 2024, our job seekers mostly come from the Millennial generation (born 1961-1996) and Gen Z (born 1997-2012). Compared to the previous generation, these generations have better understanding about new technology and have better skills. This is not surprising news because both the Millennials and Gen Z grew up in an era of massive development.

If you look at the job market, you can see most of the positions for them are mainly in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer, Mathematics) fields. However, among many job vacancies these days, which job is most in demand jobs right now for Millennial and Gen Z? Here is the list.

1. Software Developer

We have heard of this job multiple times, but do you know what kind of job a software developer is? A software developer is someone who analyzes a user’s needs then designs and creates a program/software to meet their needs using a specific language program, testing it and reporting the defect.

To be a software developer usually requires a degree in a related field or expertise in various programming languages such as Python, C++, etc. Usually, people that think only large companies or tech companies need software developers, but in reality, this one of the most in demand jobs right now is also needs in the manufacturing, banking, and etc.

2. AI Specialist

To become an AI specialist as the most in demand jobs right now, you usually need a certain degree in a related field and also have good knowledge of AI ethics. You also need to have knowledge in machine learning programming and data analysis.

An AI specialist is someone who helps computers to stimulate thinking. This means they provide more data and information to make some decisions like how the human mind works. This type of job is mainly used in various fields such as law, medicine, accounting, and etc.

3. Data analysis

A data analyst as the most in demand jobs right now is someone who researches and analyzes various information using data analysis tools and scientific methods. They are also responsible for analyzing numerical data, processing, and translating it into reports that can be understood by the general public and company.

The processed data can also be used to make better decisions regarding certain things such as sales strategy, marketing, etc.

4. Cyber Security Expert

Going digital means, you need more digital protection to protect yourself from digital attack. This kind of job has been existed long before all the high-tech euphoria. Cyber security is not only used in private companies, but the government, especially the military, also need it.

Cyber security experts as the most in demand jobs right now are someone who is responsible for protecting systems for certain “bugs” that risk their network, software and data center. These “bugs” usually refer to non-authorize access, digital theft or certain damage.

If you want to become one, you need certain knowledge about security protocol, risk management, ethical hacking and thinking ahead of cyber threats.

5. Healthcare Professional

Being a healthcare worker as the most in demand jobs right now has always been a safe place especially in the current post pandemic era. These days the healthcare industry is also starting to embrace new technology like robots and AI. This means that, apart from having medical skills, you also have opportunity to improve your career by adopting new technology.

The most common practice is telemedicine. Telemedicine is a technology-based health service that allows users/patients to consult with their doctor without meeting in real life. So, you can meet the doctor remotely to discuss your medical treatment.

6. Digital Marketing Specialist

As the most in demand jobs right now, digital sales and marketing has become the most common thing in our industry especially small and medium sized business. With the huge number of social media users, this job became a popular position for Millennials and Gen Z.

A digital marketing specialist or digital marketer is someone who responsible for maintaining brand reputation by carrying out various digital campaigns. In this job you don’t need advanced technological knowledge because your main work is marketing.

Typically you will need a degree in Business Marketing, English, or related fields that enhance your ability to create content for a brand or product campaign.

7. Financial Manager/Advisor

Millennial and Gen Z are starting to understand better personal finance. This has led to a massive trend in the financial industry where they start to focus on young people or companies.

One of the most in demand jobs right now, a financial manager is someone who manages business, investment, or financial report. In addition to having knowledge and a degree in finance, this kind of job requires analytical thinking skills and an understanding of the law.

8. User Experience Designer

Being an UX designer as the most in demand jobs right now, can be considered as an easy role compared to software developer. This job became crucial to create a user-friendly experience because they are responsible to make service or product that usable, accessible, and enjoyable to the customer/user.

If you want to be an UX Designer, you will at least need a certain university degree or certificate from a college course, design thinking, good artistic taste, and user research.

9. Sustainable Consultant

As the most in demand jobs right now, sustainable business not only became trends in Millennial and Gen Z but also to the general public. All this thanks to rising concern of global warming. This type of consultant also offers a huge range of services for companies or the government.

If you want to become one, you need a bachelor degree or better master degree in a relevant fields like environmental science, law, etc. You will also need to show good critical and analytical thinking skills or better interpersonal skills.

10. Blockchain Developer

This is not a common job for the general public, but this kind of job is starting to gain popularity in tech and financial industry. There is a growing need for job applicants to develop and navigate such complex principles like blockchain.

If you want to be in this field, at least you need a degree in a related field or proficiency in the blockchain platform. You also need a good understanding about cryptography, distributing systems, and expertise in programming languages such as Solidity.

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