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10 Most Popular Activities to do in the World 2024



Most Popular Activities

The 2024 has only been around for a few months but there’s no harm if you want to look for most popular activities. It can be a great way to spend your free time beside work. Moreover, in the last few years we have been busy with a pandemic that caused various events and celebrations to be canceled.

Most Popular Activities in 2024

According to various sources, in 2024 we will not only have several important events but also the year when you can see various rare natural phenomenon. What events do you look at the most this year? Here’s the list of the most popular activities.

1. Olympics 2024 Paris

Olympic 2024 Paris
Source: Vacay

The famous sports events that were held once every 4 years are very worth watching. If the previous Olympics were held during a pandemic, this year this event will take a new turn.
Apart from the Olympics, you can also watch the Paralympics which are also taking place in Paris.

This year can be said to be a good year because in the Olympics 2024 breakdancing will be an official sport. If you are a sports dancing fan, it would be a shame to miss this competition as this is one of the most popular activities in this year.

2. BTS Member has Finished Military Service

BTS Jin Military
Source: India TV News

Are you a fan of the worldwide boy band BTS aka ARMY? Get ready to welcome our oldest member from his military service in the middle of the year. Kim Seokjin or JIN, the eldest member or ‘Madhyeong’ entered military camp at the end of 2022.

According to the official Korean government website, Kim Seokjin will be released on June 12, 2024. His return has been eagerly awaited by fans from all over the world. The fans can’t wait to see his future music and project. So ARMYs, can you wait patiently?

3. Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse
Source: Alyn Wallace

This year, there are several rare natural phenomenon that people in various countries can enjoy. One of them is the rare total solar eclipse which will occur on April 8. This natural phenomenon considered rare because it only occurs in a few years.

The last total solar eclipse occurred in 2012. This year, this phenomenon can only be seen in Western Europe, North America, South America, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic and the Arctic.
Meanwhile, an annular solar eclipse phenomenon will occur in North America, South America, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic and Antarctica on October 2. Those of you who are in these areas should not miss this the most popular activities.

4. Pons-Brook’s Comet

Pons-Brooks Comet

This comet may not be as popular as Halley’s comet, but the Pons-Brook comet is no less beautiful than the legendary comet. You can see this phenomenon on April 21, 2024 when the comet is close to Jupiter. At that moment, the comet will be at its brightest.

This volcanic comet is known to orbit the sun once every 71 years and will be visible to the eye in March and April. You will be regret of yourself if you miss this one of the most popular activities in 2024.

5. Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower

Are you an astronomy lover or a fan of meteor showers? Don’t miss this one of the most popular activities! During May and August, two beautiful phenomena called Eta Aquarid and Perseid meteor showers will happen. This is not only rare but easy to watch because this phenomenon can be seen without any tools.

The Eta Aquariid meteor shower is expected to show on May 6, while the Perseid meteor shower will show on August 12-13. If you want to see it, it is highly recommended to go far away from the city or to an area with minimal light pollution like in the mountains.

6. New Movies

Godzilla x Kong The New Empire
Source: Warner Bros YouTube

You can’t talk about the most popular activities without mentioning films that are coming this year. In 2024, there will be many films and movies that many people are looking forward to.

A number of The films that are anticipated this year include Ghostbuster: Frozen Empire, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, Civil War, Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes, The Garfield Movie, and Inside Out 2. Some of the films mentioned are films that have been long awaited for release. So, don’t miss it.

7. Squid Game Season 2

Squid Game Season 2
Source: Smasher YouTube

Big news for Squid Game fans, Netflix has released an official statement regarding the sequel of this phenomenal series. Fortunately, the sequel to this survival-themed drama will be broadcast at the end of 2024.

This South Korean series has not only become a phenomenon but also become a new icon of pop culture which is highly anticipated. After becoming the most popular Netflix series globally, the sequel or season 2 has been widely discussed.

In 2021, the CEO of Netflix discussed Squid Game Universe. The contents of this universe will not only be sequels but also events, merchandise and various games. So, be prepared to spend more money if you want to enjoy a better experience.

The director and scriptwriter of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, actually gave the audience a new puzzle. For season 2, it looks like the audience will not be taken to continue the storyline but will focus on another storyline. So, be ready to watch this favorite series as one of the most popular activities in 2024.

8. Concerts and World Tours

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour
Source: Malaysian Youth Community

After Taylor Swift’s phenomenal concerts in various countries, be ready for various concerts and world tours from various international singers and artists. Are you KPOP fans? This year, many KPOP musicians and idols will tour in various parts of the continent as the most popular activities.

Some of the most anticipated tours and concerts include Taylor Swift, who will still be holding concerts until December 2024. Olivia Rodrigo, Nicki Minaj, Bad Bunny and Drake are also said to be holding concerts.

Not only young stars will hold concerts, senior singers such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Pink will also go on tour. In fact, popular music groups such as The Rolling Stones and Blink-182 also held world concerts. They would be the most popular activities after years!

9. New Capital City of Indonesia

Indonesia IKN
Source: ArkDesign Architects

This is one of the most popular activities, especially for Indonesians. The plan to move the capital from Jakarta to Nusantara in Kalimantan is in the final stages. According to official government information, the transfer will take place in July 2024. Since the beginning, this plan has attracted attention from local and international teams.

This is because the new capital city, Nusantara, is one of the few cities that applies a futuristic and environmentally friendly style. Even though the process has many pros and cons, in general this project has received a lot of praise.

10. New Technology

Artificial Intelligence
Source: URBE University

Technological developments have always become the main topic in the media. In 2024, several groups believe that artificial intelligence or AI will be even more innovative. This is supported by the increasing AI that has been used in various fields.

Many people make AI as one of the most popular activities they want to try. Currently, some companies are competing to create their own AI and make the technology industry become more competitive.

This increasingly advanced technological development can be a reminder about the future of humans and the environment. Hopefully, in the future AI will bring good luck to humans and not become the reason for our extinction.

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5 The Best Movie Streaming Apps (Asia and Hollywood)




The Best Movie Streaming App

Watching movies in the best movie streaming apps is like another pleasant that you can feel. There are many movies that may be watched in numerous genres ranging from horror, thriller, thriller, animation, movement, sci-fi, action, drama, and so on.

But, this time to look at films, we now do not want to visit the cinema. At this  time, you could experience movies at home every time and anywhere using your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. Various spectacles are provided each from home and abroad.

Here are 5 recommendations for the high-quality and maximum whole film streaming programs that you could strive for!

The Best Movie Streaming Apps with High Quality

For those of you who love watching movies both from local and global films, there are five of the best movie streaming apps that you may get right of entry to to accompany your weekend, which includes:

1. Netflix


The first of the best movie streaming apps is Netflix. This app is the biggest film and TV collection streaming provider issuer in the global. There are such a lot of proper movies and collections that you could enjoy with this Netflix subscription.

Not only affords films and collection, however Netflix even makes its personal films and TV series which are proven completely. Even the movie shows are numerous from Indonesian movies, Hollywood, South Korea, China, Japan and so on. 

You also can watch your favorite films without spending a dime for 30 days by way of the usage of the Free Trial choice. After that, you’re free to pick out whether you would love to subscribe to Netflix or no longer.

2. Viu


Viu is also one of the best movie streaming apps. For those of you who love Korean dramas and movies, of course it is a pleasant Korean drama paradise. Interestingly, Viu also provides a number of spectacles consisting of Japanese and different Asian dramas.

Moreover, Viu also affords several popular series and films from neighboring nations, which include Malaysia, Thailand to India. No need to worry, all collections that air in this utility are secure and criminal. You can also experience watching with extra Indonesian and English subtitles.

3. Disney+ HotStar

Disney+ HotStar

The next of the best movie streaming apps is Disney+ Hotstar. This application affords plenty of the quality types of films that can accompany your leisure time. Various recommendations are present such as numerous Hollywood, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and NGO movies, all of which are to be had best on Disney+ HotStar. 

However, if you want to get an excellent deal of the first-class offers, you will also want to pay for a subscription. The subscription is very smooth and cheap.

4. WeTV


WeTV is a popular streaming app. This app is also an app that offers diverse sorts of recommendations. It additionally has diverse outstanding functions, other than providing unique collections from Indonesia, Asia and films that have been proven in cinemas, you could also access this streaming software totally free for numerous days.

If you need to keep playing the brilliant collection on We TV, you will additionally want to subscribe soon as a number of the features and films are paid.

5. Mola TV

Mola TV

Mola TV is one of the best movie streaming apps. Maybe for a few of those who like to observe soccer matches, they should be familiar with this application. Indeed, at first Mola TV was referred to as one of the systems that confirmed sports pronounces best, especially soccer.

However, along with the instances, this sports streaming software has been modified after transforming. Mola TV now provides interesting shows that may accompany you to fill your spare time, consisting of Hollywood films, Indonesia, documentaries, and other collections from home and overseas.

Various genres of films are supplied in these are 5 film streaming apps from Asia, Australia to Europe all to be had. However, to experience all of the functions, you need to pay for the app subscription price.

Final Thoughts

Thus, a brief overview of 5 the best movie streaming apps that can be your reference in watching films this weekend! But before the last section, there are some things to maintain in your thoughts whilst you stream films, particularly ensuring that your net connection is clean and exceptionally a good way to no longer intrude along with your time even as watching films. 

In order to keep having access to and playing all of the shows on Mola TV, you want to pay some money for a subscription right here.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant: Team Collaboration and Social Software




Gartner Magic Quadrant

There is a new magic quadrant out for Enterprise Team Collaboration and Social Software. This is the first MQ that focuses on this nascent space, so if Gartner has a quadrant they are getting a lot of inquiries from enterprise customers about these offerings.

Some thoughts:

1. They have grouped Wiki’s, Blogging tools, Collaboration products and Community Software all in one MQ. Its obvious that these tools do very different things. In fact I dont even see companies choosing between SocialText and Jive Software. Usually they need both.

2. There are quite a few other smaller vendors they have missed. Take a look at this more extensive list of vendors in the community space.

3. They have missed very good open source vendors such as WordPress and Drupal (which a lot of people use for communities)

I would expect Jeremiah and Mike to provide more color, but this is a start, not sure if I’d call it a good start. My friend Dan has a good introduction to the MQ itself.

Update: Read the report in detail. It does have Pros and Con’s listed by vendor. It also talks about vendors they did not include: Cisco, Novell, Oracle and Sun. Some insight on the inclusion / exclusion of certain vendors:

“Note that although we look for evidence of market presence (10 customers with 500 users each
in production) in order to exclude some of the very small vendors, we deliberately do not have an
explicit test for minimum revenue. This has meant that the Magic Quadrant includes products
from less-established vendors, from vendors experimenting with new pricing models, and opensource
products. This helps to reflect some of the innovation and alternative sourcing options
available in this market. However, although the size, revenues and profitability of the vendors was
taken into account when assessing their ability to execute, you should be aware that some of the
vendors here represent more risk than those in Magic Quadrants with a high revenue threshold.”

 (C) Gartner 2007. All Rights are theirs.

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Book Review: “Average is Over”; about the Future of Successful People




Average is over

I tend to read about 1-2 books a month. Largely on my kindle and sometimes audio books. I was referred to Tyler Cowen’s book “Average is over” by a friend who reads more extensively than I do. She wishes that I dont give her unnecessary attention.

It is about $10 on Amazon Kindle. If you want to be the 0.01% of innovators, creators and influencers, then you should read this book.

I have believed in the theory that “normal”, “average” and “balanced” are the worst words in the entrepreneur’s dictionary. Things like “best practices” suck. If something is a best practice you are getting no value from it at all, since someone who found out about it in the first place got the most value from it.

The basic premise of this book is that the next generation of technologies, innovations and breakthroughs in the next decade will not result in economic gains for the “average” folks.

Instead the folks who are extremely driven, intelligent and motivated are the only ones who will make it big.

The rest will see their quality of life improve marginally, but will have to find other means to feel “good” about the contributions they make.

I would recommend you read this book (or skim it) if you have an interest in economic activity and the history of innovation.

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