My Fantasy Football picks – Team name is “BuzzGain Bailouters”

Here is my team.

QB: Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle)
RB: Marion Barber (Dallas)
WR: Santana Moss (Washington) and Terrell Owens (Dallas) – yeah I know, once a 49er’ always one.
TE: Tony Gonzalez (Kansas City)
Defense : Ravens
K: Matt Stover (Baltimore)

I am doing okay, in my league, won 2 lost 1.

I changed the name from BuzzGain DoItYourselfers. What is yours?


Zoho Writer vs. Google Document

Google Docs.

More money. Check.
Bigger name. Check.
More resources. Check.

Must be better?

Save a large file on Google Docs? (Sorry).

Zoho Writer absolutely beats the pants out of Google. If you have to save large files (which I just had to). I got kicked out of Google 4 times. Gave up.

Went to Zoho writer. No problem.

Zoho has THE best office productivity suite on the cloud. By far. Bar none.

How to write in plain English by Harvard School of Public Health

Clear and to the point – writing in plain English.

a) Use common, everyday words

b) Use “you” and other
personal pronouns

c) Use “must” instead of

d) Avoid using undefined technical

e) Use positive rather than negative

f) Avoid using gender-specific

g) Avoid long strings of nouns

Verb Forms:
h) Use active voice

i) Use action verbs

j) Use the present tense

k) Use parallel construction

l) Be direct

m) Avoid using unnecessary exceptions

Great interactive graphic on worldwide spending

Below is the spending on various goods and services for India from the NY times article, but their graphic is MUCH better.

Great NYT interactive flash graphic on how much people spend on Electronics, Clothing, Alcohol & tobacco, Household goods and recreation the world over. Its a pseudo world map with relative sizes of spending depicted by the size of the box.

Its clear the developed nations have the lions share of the spend, but its very revealing to see the size of recreation spend.

hat tip. Flowing data is one of my favorite blogs BTW.

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