Prabowo’s 8 National Programs, Will They Be Effective?

Prabowo National Programs
Prabowo National Programs

Just a few days ago, Indonesian General Election Commission or KPU officially announced the result of the general election. According to them, Prabowo-Gibran managed to collect the most votes. This means these candidates are only one step away from becoming leader of the country.

In fact, the result is not surprising news for many Indonesians. Most of them already know the unofficial result of the “quick count” which Prabowo-Gibran also leads the pool. Even though this method is not official but from the past election, the quick count results were not far from the official one. 

Prabowo’s National Programs

Like other presidential candidates, Prabowo with his Indonesia Maju 2045 coalition have prepared several programs to develop Indonesia. One of them is to provide free lunch for students as he said at the previous presidential candidate debate.

Unfortunately, most Indonesians are only familiar with this national programs even though Prabowo has many programs in various fields. Mainstream media also rarely mention other programs and lead to the public being skeptical of their future government. So, what are the other national programs? Here is the list.

1. Free Lunch for Student

This is Prabowo-Gibran’s most talked national programs because it has many pros and cons. From the official statement, this program actually aims to provide nutritious lunches and free milk to students in Indonesia.

This program causes heated debate in the general public especially in social media since it needs massive funds. Even though this program was created to solve malnutrition in Indonesia, people are still questioning the effectiveness of this plan.

Based on the official release, this program is still one of the main priorities, but it will be implemented in stages. The main focus of this program is students in remote areas such as the border or areas with a high percentage of malnutrition. Hope in the future this program can be held widely throughout Indonesia.

2. Food Self-Sufficient

The rising price of basic necessities like food has become a hot topic due to the rising price of rice as Indonesia’s staple food. Even though this plan is not new because the previous president already had this program, Prabowo brought the idea to continuing the food estate aka current president’s national programs.

To achieve food security, Prabowo plans to give local farmers, especially in remote areas better access to high quality seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. This plant not only focuses on technical aspects but also focuses on organization and regulation to maintain better prices to protect local farmers and public needs.

3. Reducing Poverty

If you look at the data, poverty is still one of the biggest problems in Indonesia’s development because it is a sign of limited access to the general public. Poverty is also believed to be the reason for many social problems including malnutrition and crime.

Prabowo has national programs to reduce poverty in Indonesia, especially extreme poverty in remote areas by increasing the number of social security subsidies in the early 2 years of leadership. The plan also aims to reduce poverty to 5% by 2029.

4. Developing Infrastructure and Public Housing

You probably already know of Indonesia’s massive infrastructure development during the current president. Just like Jokowi, Prabowo also aims to develop more infrastructure across Indonesia. He knows if good infrastructure as the national programs will give massive benefits not only for the economy but also for the country’s security.

One of the programs also focuses on affordable housing for young people especially in rural areas. Usually, affordable housing focuses on the cities, but this program focuses on young people who live in remote areas.

This national programs already has targeted to build and renovate 25 houses per village or area every year. If this plan is successful, Indonesia will build 2 million houses in 2 years of Prabowo leadership.

However, in the bigger cities the government has plans to build 500.000 landed houses and 500.000 affordable apartments for the public. In total, Prabowo has plans to build 3 million houses across the country.

5. Increase Quality of Healthcare

Many Indonesians consider their healthcare system as affordable, but they also said that Indonesia’s national healthcare isn’t very good in terms of quality. This is because of many factors from lack of medical professionals, lack of healthcare infrastructure, and complex healthcare regulation that cause long queues in many hospitals and health facilities in many areas.

In the future, Indonesia’s new government wants to increase the quality of its healthcare infrastructure, create better regulation for the healthcare worker education system and also provide more affordable medicine to the general public as the national programs.

6. Increase Education Quality

Do you know if Indonesia is one of the countries with the lowest PISA score? This has become a debate during the last debate because actually it shows how bad the Indonesian education system is. With the inconsistent regulation of the national education curriculum, it’s not a surprise if the student gets a low score.

Not only PISA score that become hot debate, lack of good education infrastructure in rural area and quality of the teacher also became main priority to the new Indonesia developing plans. The new government promises to increase respect and innovation funds to 15.2% from the country’s budget for the next 5 years.

7. Perfecting Tax and Revenue System

As you know, Indonesia still faces problems in tax and revenue due to high corruption. The new government has a plan to create a state revenue agency that will increase Indonesia revenue through tax and other sources up to 23%. The main focus of this national programs is to complete the already existing regulation in order to gain more revenue.

In the future, this agency will not only focus to gain more revenue but also to provide tax incentives for local entrepreneurs, especially small and medium size businesses.

8. Digitalization

As a country with a huge number of internet users, Indonesia has plans to go digital. In the future, most of the public administration will be integrated and can be accessed through the internet. Actually, this plan has become the most favorite by the general public since it can reduce the number of corruptions.

You can see the progress for digitalization since this one of the national programs already existed a few years ago. Hopefully the new government will perfect the system since this plan can make bureaucracy simpler and easier to process.

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