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How the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) victory is like the launch of the iPhone

If you are not into politics in India, you can skip this post.

In 2007, Symbian was the dominant operating system among “smartphones”. There was another popular mobile OS – Blackberry. Then Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. The key feature was it was a “touch phone” and provided the power of the Internet in your pocket.

Then came the Android OS. I personally believe the Android OS was a copy of the iOS. Google did to Apple, what Microsoft did to Apple 30 years ago, but with a key difference – they made it (the OS) free.

Now, the similarities are eerie.

Congress is the Symbian phone. AAP is the iPhone and BJP is Blackberry. It is likely, that BJP or some other party could be Android. They can pick up the best pieces of the AAP and work at scale.

I really doubt that Congress will become the Android phone. They will likely continue to be Symbian or morph into the Windows phone (good for most parts, but with little market share).