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My journey to 100,000 subscribers took 7 years and 1000 posts

Yesterday I crossed over 1000 blog posts. Sometime in the next month I will (hopefully) cross 100K subscribers. It has been a long journey and with many twists and turns. My original intention was to “become an expert” on online communities – hence the URL. Sometime over the next few years, my focus changed to be more about technology in general, building a thought leadership profile, talking about entrepreneurship and finally about investing and startups.

On a good day, my blog gets 24% open rate from my subscribers, and most days less. On average 40% of the subscribers are in India and 34% are from the US. I did some work with full contact API data and found that about 60% of subscribers have “founder” in their title on LinkedIn.

There have been many folks who have been inspiring and helped me along when I was not exactly sure why I was blogging or for whom. There have been a few role models who I consider the best in the business and are people I think have a day job, and still have built a strong brand around their work. They have been doing it consistently for years, so I dont consider them “flash in the pan” type overnight successes.

I wanted to call out 6 of them who I have been reading and trying to emulate, and if you are into blogs or reading online I think you might know them all. I dont tend to follow a lot of publications and media blogs like TechCrunch but individual bloggers.

  1. Horace Dediu of Asymco: If there was one person who writes with more authority and is very data driven, I’d say its Horace. His graphs and charts are worth putting on a picture frame at times. I am a huge fan.
  2. Ben Thompson of Stratechery. I have been following Ben only for the last year and he is very insightful, I wish I had the ability to see things around the corner like he did.
  3. Jean-Louis Gassee of Monday Note. I first met Jean-Louis about 15 years ago, after he left Apple. He is possibly one of the most authoritative voices on Apple, more than any of the others who are “insiders” or into Mac media culture.
  4. Neil Patel of Quick Sprout. Another long time writer and essayist, his posts are very actionable, which I admire. Few people can push you to do something immediately about something the way Neil’s writing can.
  5. Mark Suster of Both Sides of the Table: Mark’s pretty authentic. There are 2-3 of his posts that I ready every month – Lines not dots, is still my most recommended piece to new entrepreneurs.
  6. Tomasz Tunguz of Tom Tunguz. Relatively new on my radar, Tomasz writes very well researched pieces and is quite possibly an expert in the SaaS space by sheer ability to write so much after a lot of hard work researching the topic.

If you look at the highlighted / bold words – data driven, insightful, authoritative, actionable, authentic and well researched are what I aim for. I dont end up doing that with every post, but that’s my goal.

Even without meeting me, these folks have been mentoring me with their writing. This is my thanks to them.