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5 very interesting #startups at the NASSCOM Product Conclave in #Pune

The super hospitable people at Pune invited me again to their wonderful city to participate in the NASSCOM Product conclave #NPC #Pune event. Having been there at least 10 times in the last 2 years, I have a very soft corner for Pune and its really wonderful entrepreneurs. We have 5 companies (out of 31) at the Microsoft Accelerator which are from Pune. That’s the largest representation outside Bangalore.

The NPC event itself was a 1 day workshop format session (as opposed to the 3 day Oct NPC in Bangalore). Most of the workshops at the NPC13 event were repeated at this event. Over 400 entrepreneurs registered to make this the largest attended startup event in Pune.

I flew in early with the Intuit team who run a great workshop called “Design Awesome”. It is a hands-on, instructor facilitated 2 hour (abridged) session for product entrepreneurs. I had the chance to meet a few startups myself during the event, and there are the top 5 that caught my attention.

1. Sujata from Ascent Informatics provides a SaaS service for monitoring industrial devices in real-time. Think of the multiple devices that are used in a manufacturing setup and how one can monitor them to check for pollution, maintenance, performance and energy.

2. kPoint Tech had Sunil tell us about their cloud-based video creation and sharing platform. The example I thought was the most relevant, was many product marketing folks do 1-2 hour webinars. These are “recorded” for future review. The problem is they are long and are not easy to search, splice and view in pieces. They host and manage your videos with their technology.

3. Qualitia has built a Selenium based test automation platform that does not require scripts. If you have ever written test scripts using products such as WinRunner or LoadRunner, you know how much of a pain they are to maintain. Rahul and team have built a product  to reduce time and maintenance for testing.

4. SaveTime Technologies helps you find the right doctor quickly. They have a fairly large database of doctors and reviews from patients in Pune. Mitesh and team have built a product that is like ZocDoc and others, but up and running already.

5. ANTfarm robotics was a pretty cool product that helps you control the electrical devices at home using your mobile phone. Subhojit has built a pretty cool product that helps you switch on your microwave, fan, lighting etc. even if you are not at home using your mobile device.

After the event, where I had a 2 hour workshop on Sales for startups, (Check out the tweets yo), we went to Bedekars for the world famous Misal Paav.

Intuit Team outside Bedekars - Misal Paav
Intuit Team outside Bedekars – Misal Paav