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The lack of diversity in the Indian investor ecosystem is leading to groupthink

There are 2 women in over 200 General partners at 49 Venture Capital firms in India. (Vani Kola – Kalaari and Bharati Jacob – Seed Fund).

That’s it. 2 out of 200+.

Everyone else is male, between 30 and 50, with a technical education at the undergraduate level (53% are from IIT) and likely a MBA from a top program.

There are 7 women among 400+ associates, vice presidents and investment professionals.

So, why are we surprised that every VC invested in eCommerce companies in 2010?

Why are we shocked that less than 2% of tech entrepreneurs are women?

Why do we not hold ourselves to a higher standard?

This causes GroupThink.

We have a serious problem folks. We need to address this or we will keep rejecting folks or marginalizing those that are more deserving.

It hurts entrepreneurs in the short term. It hurts us as investors in the medium term. It hurts the entire ecosytem in the long term.

Now, I dont think the solution is to just hire a bunch of women as associates to window dress.

We have to find a way to support women & marginalized sections of our community, to be investors, and help raise a fund and participate.

Else we will all lose.