Workshop to Enhance AI Technology Productiveness in Indonesia

AI Technology
AI Technology

Workshop activities are one of the productive activities that can improve mindset and creative thinking, even enhance AI technology. It can be said that workshops are a form of learning that focuses on direct interaction between the participants and the instructor or facilitator.

In workshops, participants are actively involved in practical and interactive learning activities, such as group discussions, exercises, case studies, and simulations. Workshops can be held at any time with any theme including the theme of utilizing AI and increasing productivity using artificial intelligence technology.

As we all know, artificial intelligence technology has a lot of positive impacts on human life. Here is a brief review of workshops in Indonesia so improving this productiveness can add to your knowledge!

Indonesia’s Workshop Discusses the Utilization of AI Technology

AI Adaption in Southeast Asia

Workshops are commonly held anywhere and anytime at various levels of education to companies. Workshops are formed with the aim of providing provisions for participants and the younger generation to think critically and creatively, including the existence of workshops to increase productivity with AI technology.

This workshop on increasing productivity with artificial intelligence has been held at various universities and ministries in Indonesia. This training aims to equip the younger generation to have the skills to use various artificial intelligence tools to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

At the same time, usually the general objective of the workshop programmed is for the trainees to be able to effectively use AI technology in various areas of their work. So that they can follow the development of technology and the times.

Even the existence of AI also has a positive impact on society, such as providing convenience in doing work, retrieving information needed to help human work.

However, behind the positive side of it all, of course there are some disadvantages of AI that can also interfere with the human mindset, such as they will continue to depend on this technology so that their abilities and skills are not well honed, causing a person’s creative and critical thinking abilities to decrease.

Therefore, a wise and smart attitude in managing technology must be applied. So that our abilities do not decline just because of this technology.

The Impacts of Using AI Technology

Technology will continuously evolve over time. This technological development is what led to the creation of AI. In fact, the progress of AI has progressed so rapidly that it has become increasingly sophisticated. Of course, because of its proficiency in searching for data, it will have a positive impact in various sectors of human life.

However, did you know that there are three stages of AI utilization that are now getting better, namely the level of productivity, efficiency, and automation.

There is some evidence that AI is one of the most powerful technologies of this century. How not, this has proven its ability to increase productivity.

1. Quick and Effective

With AI technology, tasks that previously took a long time to complete can now be done more quickly and effectively. This contributes significantly to work effectiveness and output.

2. Efficiency Value

The second proof is that AI also shows its efficiency value, which is one of the main benefits of using AI. This artificial intelligence system is also able to Analyze data quickly and accurately, provide relevant information, and help make better decisions.

Interestingly, you can also create research with the help of this technology. You will no longer have trouble finding relevant references and gaps that you want to fit into your research or assignments.

3. Automation

The third proof that technology is advanced is that automation is an important aspect in the utilization of AI technology. This is one of the most enjoyable things for humans. Because humans just need to organize, think creatively and it will automate all the work with ease. This not only increases one’s effectiveness at work but can also provide new ideas and innovations for the future.

From the three-evidence presented above, of course, the use of artificial intelligence technology must remain cautious and wise. So that users are not complacent. Nevertheless, it does have many things that can be useful in various sectors of the country, be it education, economy and so on. No wonder that Indonesia always organizes AI-themed workshops to increase creativity at work.

Well, those are the overview of workshops held in Indonesia to enhance AI technology productivity and hopefully broaden your understanding.

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