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Many Indonesian citizens are wondering behind the facts about Prabowo. The 2024 may be the remaining year of President Joko Widodo’s term in the workplace. In February 2024, Indonesians held a fashionable election to decide who might be successful Joko Widodo as President of Indonesia for the 2024-2029 period. There have been up to three applicants for the presidency, together with Prabowo Subianto.

At the time of the election and primarily based on the dedication of the Indonesian General Elections Commission (KPU) to the recapitulation of the outcomes of the counting and acquisition of votes on the countrywide level of the 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres), Prabowo and Gibran won 96,214,691 votes. Even superior in 36 out of 38 provinces in Indonesia.

Of course, this is what makes Prabowo-Gibran win the election. Prabowo presidential election declared that Prabowo officially became the president of Indonesia for the length of 2024-2029 and Gibran became inaugurated as Vice President for the length of 2024-2029.

However, on the back of the Prabowo presidential election victory, there are some facts that you have to understand through the Prabowo-Gibran victory. Here’s the evaluation in a nutshell!

Prabowo – Gibran Wins One Round of Election

A thrilling reality throughout the 2024 elections, the Prabowo-Gibran presidential election has become warmly mentioned, due to the fact Prabowo managed to surpass and win one round of elections. The facts about Prabowo is also won in 36 out of 38 provinces in Indonesia with a total of ninety-six,214,691 votes or equal to fifty eight.6%.

Certainly, that is what makes Prabowo and Gibran, or candidate pair variety 2 win a landslide one round inside the widespread election.

Prabowo Has Yet to be Sworn in as President

Post-presidential election, Prabowo has but to be sworn in as president. Although Prabowo-Gibran had been declared using the KPU to be the elected and authorized president and VP of Indonesia for the 2024-2029 duration, they will no longer be inaugurated right away. Based on the PKPU that has been issued, the swearing-in of the President and Vice President will take place on 20 October 2024.

Prabowo-Gibran to Implement Excellent Programs Soon

After being sworn in as President and Vice President of Indonesia for the period 2024-2029, Prabowo claims to be prepared to perform his duties and flagship programs. 

The flagship programs planned by way of Prabowo consist of imparting free lunch and milk for college children and Islamic boarding colleges, organizing free fitness checks for the network, fighting tuberculosis and organizing hospitals in every regency, increasing agricultural land productivity with village, nearby and countrywide meals estates, and building extraordinary schools in each regency and renovating schools so that they may be appropriate for habitation.

Execute the unfastened lunch and milk program for faculty kids and Islamic boarding schools, this can be accomplished in ranges, beginning with the poorest and maximum far-flung areas. The intention is to prevent hunger and malnutrition.

Aside from that, Prabowo also has seventeen different programs planned, inclusive of the following:

  1. Achieving meals self-sufficiency
  2. Eradicate poverty
  3. Eradicate and prevent corruption
  4. Improve fitness services and remedy for the humans
  5. Strengthen countrywide defense
  6. Achieve water self-sufficiency
  7. Achieving electricity self-sufficiency
  8. Perfecting the United State’s financial sales
  9. Ensure the supply of fertilizers, seeds, and insecticides without delay to farmers
  10. Continue downstream and industrialization
  11. Provide low-value housing for rural communities and people in want
  12. Eradicate pills
  13. Continuing monetary equality, strengthening MSMEs, and the improvement of IKN
  14. Strengthening schooling, science and generation
  15. Undertake political, legal, and bureaucratic reforms
  16. Ensure the upkeep of the surroundings
  17. Preserving cultural arts, enhancing innovative economic systems, and wearing achievements

Thus, facts about Prabowo programs as President of Indonesia for the 2024-2029 duration will have a new and transformative influence on Indonesia to become a higher kingdom and achieve a better Indonesia in 2045.

In addition to the above programs, Prabowo and Gibran will even maintain Joko Widodo’s program of extending fitness benefits through fitness playing cards, then he additionally wants to grow the earnings of State Civil Servants, and so forth.

After taking the swearing-in, Prabowo will function as president for the duration of 2024-2029. He also invited all Indonesians to unite to reap the common intention of a Golden Indonesia in 2045. 

This is a brief evaluation of the election of President Prabowo Subianto, who might be sworn in as President in October 2024 and can be ready to steer the Indonesian state along with his expertise and excellent programs that can be your reference.

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