5 Upcoming Phone Releases in 2024  (iPhone, OnePlus, etc)



We are just a few months into 2024 but tech companies are already preparing upcoming phone releases to the public. As a modern human in the modern world, the new technology always becomes an attraction. Being able to see new innovation and comparing these products has really become the norm these days.

Upcoming Phone Releases as The Most Anticipated Smartphone

If you need a new phone and still can’t decide which brand or product that suits your needs, you have to read this article below. We already list upcoming phone releases in 2024. Here is the list that you need.

1. iPhone 16

iPhone 16 Rumor

Are you an Apple fan? Even though Apple just released iPhone 15 a few months ago they already plan to release a new product. According to an insider, an upcoming phone releases iPhone 16, will be released in September or October 2024.

This smartphone will have a better battery, thanks to MagSafe technology and 30 W wireless charging. This new iPhone will have a quite thin screen on the bezel so it gives a better screen to body ratio.

For the camera, the iPhone 16 will have a 48 MP rear camera with LiDAR and Smart HDR technology, as well as a 32 MP front camera with Face ID and Animoji features. Apart from that, the phone will also support 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.3.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the price of this upcoming phone releases. However, if you compare it to the previous product, the new phone will have a similar price to iPhone 15.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Rumor

We can’t mention Apple without talking about Samsung right? These 2 brands will always become rivals when it comes to smartphones. Just like Apple, Samsung also released their new best fold smartphone a few months ago, and now already plan for an upcoming phone releases, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6.

If you don’t know, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 is a folding smartphone. This series will have a new product in 2024. These smartphones will have improvements in the cover screen, to be specific the outer screen that can be used when the smartphone is folded.

Even if it’s not the best folded phone, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 is expected to be the most popular book-style foldable smartphone in 2024. But there’s a rumored Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra that pretty sure will be a better option than the standard versions.

For information, we’re not sure if an Ultra model will be released because there’s little information about it. So right now we can only expect the standar Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6. Unfortunately, the cameras will be unchanged from those on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, so we hope if there is an Ultra model, the cameras will be upgraded there.

This upcoming phone releases will also have more efficient batteries thanks to graphene technology and 65 W fast charging. Apart from that, this smartphone will have a 108 MP rear camera with 10x optical zoom and a 40 MP front camera with selfie mode and video call features.

According to the news, Samsung will release this product in mid-July 2024. Unfortunately, there isn’t any further information about the price but some resources predict it will have a similar price to the Galaxy S24.

3. Samsung Galaxy Flip 6

Samsung Galaxy Flip 6 Rumor

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 is expected to be bigger and more expensive than Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 but from the data, Flip line is likely to be more successful. So, this upcoming phone releases will probably be the most popular foldable phone this year.

According to leaked information, this phone will also be released in July 2024. It will have a larger cover screen than the previous one, Z Flip 5  along with a bigger battery capacity and a smaller crease on the foldable screen.

For the camera, it is rumored to have an upgraded 50 MP main camera that will replace the previous 12 MP camera. It definitely will get additional power because it will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset which has been used in the Samsung Galaxy S24 line.

Just like Galaxy Z Fold 6, there is no detailed information about the price but some experts predict it will cost like Z Flip 5.

4. Google Pixel 9

Google Pixel 9 Rumor

Do you know if Google also has a smartphone product? It is called Google Pixel and it comes with positive feedback from the general public. Unfortunately, this phone is only available in a few countries so hope yours is on the list.

Even though it is just a few countries, Google Pixel 9 is still eagerly awaited. This phone carries a pure Android operating system which will be released in October 2024. This upcoming phone releases will carry a SOC made by Samsung, Tensor G4 which is claimed to be the fastest and smartest processor for Android smartphones.

Google Pixel 9 will also have a 50 MP rear camera with HDR+ and Night Sight technology, as well as a 12 MP front camera with Face Unlock and Motion Sense features. Apart from that, this phone will also support 5G networks, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.2. Even though there is no leaked information about the price, it probably costs around $699 just like standar Google Pixel 8 or the Google Pixel 8 Pro that costs $999.

5. OnePlus Open 2

OnePlus Open 2 Rumor

You may not be familiar with their foldable phones but this Chinese brand has become popular in many countries due to its technology and rational price. Many resources even say if this brand has quality that can beat Apple or Samsung even though it has so far only released one. So, this one really deserves to be on the list.

However, we could not find further information about this upcoming phone releases including the specification and price. However, the original has a big screen, a brilliant design, and the best cameras you’ll find on a foldable phone. So there’s a big chance that OnePlus Open 2 will retain or improve on those incredible features.

This upcoming phone releases is considered as one of the powerful phones and hopefully the future product will have a better battery life. We’ll probably find out exactly what it has to offer in or around October, as the previous product launched in October of last year.

Then, which one of the upcoming phone releases that you anticipated the most? All of them will bring new technology, design, and advanced features that will make you amaze. You can save your money from today until the day they release in your country, especially in Indonesia. 

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