Book review: “Average is over”; about the future of successful people

I tend to read about 1-2 books a month. Largely on my kindle and sometimes audio books. I was referred to Tyler Cowen’s book “Average is over” by a friend who reads more extensively than I do. She wishes that I dont give her unnecessary attention.

It is about $10 on Amazon Kindle. If you want to be the 0.01% of innovators, creators and influencers, then you should read this book.

I have believed in the theory that “normal”, “average” and “balanced” are the worst words in the entrepreneur’s dictionary. Things like “best practices” suck. If something is a best practice you are getting no value from it at all, since someone who found out about it in the first place got the most value from it.

The basic premise of this book is that the next generation of technologies, innovations and breakthroughs in the next decade will not result in economic gains for the “average” folks.

Instead the folks who are extremely driven, intelligent and motivated are the only ones who will make it big.

The rest will see their quality of life improve marginally, but will have to find other means to feel “good” about the contributions they make.

I would recommend you read this book (or skim it) if you have an interest in economic activity and the history of innovation.

3 thoughts on “Book review: “Average is over”; about the future of successful people”

  1. A trend is underway in society, one of income redistribution, movement and concentration of wealth in the hands of individuals who hold the information/knowledge/connect edge. In other words, an advantage due to information asymmetry either fair or unfair. But the “end game,” which is inevitable in human societies as we swing between extremes, an eventual french-type revolution to re-balance wealth. History repeats itself.
    But, I agree, pursuit of excellence and advantage/edges should be the relentless pursuit of entrepreneurs.

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