What are the Plans for Jokowi After 2024?

Jokowi after 2024
Jokowi after 2024

What do you think about Jokowi after 2024? What will he do?

As we know, Indonesia President Jokowi and his Vice President will end their leadership in 2024. Meanwhile, the inauguration of the elected president and vice president is planned to be held on October 20th, 2024. The Jokowi-Ma’ruf government period will end when the elected president and vice president are inaugurated.

Later, after carrying out his duties as a state leader, he will continue to receive pensions and other benefits. This is like regular Indonesian civil servants who have pension rights. Not long ago, the government announced that the pension salaries of state civil servants, police, and army forces would increase by 12%.

Jokowi after 2024, What Will He Do?

Just like any other job, after retiring President Jokowi also gets pension money. The pension money for the president and vice president is regulated by Indonesia law (UU) 7/1978 concerning the Financial/Administrative Rights of the President and Vice President and Former Presidents and Vice Presidents.

According to these regulations, retired presidents and vice presidents will receive a pension amount equivalent to 100% of their last basic salary. The president’s salary is equivalent to 6 times the basic salary of the highest state official.

For your information, the current president’s salary is IDR 30.2 million per month, or 6 times higher than the highest salary for civil servants. Please note that retired presidents and vice presidents only receive pensions without other benefits, although they currently receive a monthly allowance of around IDR 32.5 million.

So, Jokowi after 2024, what will he do? If you want to know, we have already made a few lists according to his statement and prediction from different sources.

1. Back to Solo

Jokowi in Solo
Jokowi in Solo

A few years ago, a statement of Jokowi after 2024 made by himself, if he wanted to spend his retirement in his hometown, Solo. He declared that he wanted to go back to become a regular citizen after retiring as Indonesian president. As we all know, Solo is his birthplace and almost all of his extended family also lives there. So, it’s understandable if he and his wife want to return to Solo.

For your information of Jokowi after 2024, he will receive a state-awarded house as his retirement house in Colomadu district, Karanganyar. Before him, the previous president also got the same retirement scheme, including a house. 

However, in addition, the president is entitled to an allowance in the form of a house provided by the state. This benefit covers costs such as water, electricity, and telephone usage, as well as all of their family’s health care costs.

Jokowi after 2024, the houses provided will also be equipped with proper facilities. Apart from that, the president will be given an official car and security facilities provided by the presidential security forces.

Until now, there is not much information about the progress of his future retirement house. According to some local news, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing just took water samples from the surrounding area a few months ago.

2. Become Entrepreneur

Before becoming Solo’s mayor and Indonesia president, Jokowi was well known as a successful entrepreneur in his furniture business. He already exports his product to many different countries including Europe. Unfortunately, after he became mayor his business became stagnant.

If you look back, Jokowi has good business sense because he built his company from the starch without any privilege from his humble family. It’s a good choice if he wants to return to his business since he will retire soon.

Unfortunately for Jokowi after 2024, he has not given any statement about returning to business. He only said if he wanted to go back to Solo with his family. No additional statement about his business even though many people still want him to go back to the company that he built.

3. Became Head Chief of Local Party

According to local media, Jokowi is already giving a sign to completely step out from politics after retirement. But this is just a prediction since many experts also predict Jokowi to step up becoming head chief of his current party, PDIP.

Unfortunately, his relationship with the internal party starts to become more “harder” after his sons choose to join the opposite party. All of this political drama has become public consumption and heated the media just a few months before the general election.

Even if his current party refused to give position for Jokowi after 2024, many people assumed that the other big party, Golkar, would offer the position to him. Even though this is just a rumor, many public and political experts said this may happen in the future.

Like we mentioned before for Jokowi after 2024, he already said if he wants to retire from politics but we still don’t know the future. Considering his oldest son will become Indonesian next vice president and his youngest also appointed as head chief of a party, we still don’t know his decision yet.

4. Join United Nations (UN)

Jokowi Invites UN To Strengthen Cooperation For The Welfare Of The People
Jokowi Invites UN To Strengthen Cooperation For The Welfare Of The People

You may not know about this one but there is a rumor that Jokowi after 2024 would become Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) after serving as President. In one of the interviews, Jokowi also refused the statement and asked if he wanted to go back to Solo after retirement.

We already searched for the issue and found out if the news was a disinformation article. Indonesia’s Ministry of Information and Communications already made an official statement regarding the news and confirmed if the news was false, Jokowi doesn’t have any plan to join the United Nations.

5. Live Abroad

Indonesia’s previous president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, or SBY, is known to spend his retirement living abroad. Not only SBY but previous presidents such as BJ. Habibi is also famous for spending his time in Germany. With all this information many people are wondering if he also wants to move abroad in the future.

Unfortunately, there is no information for this question of Jokowi after 2024. But, according to many people, the chance of Jokowi living abroad is quite small except if he or his family needs medical treatment.

Final Words

Those are the list of Jokowi after 2024. Even though there are many rumors and speculation about his future, the most realistic choice is to return to his hometown in Solo since he also already made this statement.

But just like politics, his statements and decisions may change in the future. Since we don’t know what will happen next, stay updated with us in the next article.

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