TikTok Hashtag to Go Viral and 6 Tips Using It

TikTok Hashtag to Go Viral
TikTok Hashtag to Go Viral

Looking for TikTok hashtag to go viral? Well, becoming a TikToker or any kind of social media influencer is probably one of the most popular “dream” jobs for many younger generations, especially Gen Z. Since this type of job can give you instant popularity and of course money if you are fortunate enough to become viral.

If you compare each generation and platform they used, you will see the difference between them. Most of the Gen Z and Gen Alpha mostly prefer Tik Tok compared to other social media such as Instagram or Youtube. That’s why we often heard many of that generation want to become a Tik Tok star.

Use TikTok Hashtag to Go Viral

You may already be familiar with hanstag (#). Just like other social media platforms, Tik Tok also uses hashtags to distinguish one topic from another. If some topic becomes popular, the hanstag that used also becomes popular or in this we call it viral.

For TikToker, you can use the trending hashtag on the platform to make yourself viral so you can gain more viewers and followers. But, to be able to become viral through a TikTok hashtag to go viral is not an easy task. You need some trick to make it happen. So, what are those tricks?” Here is the list.

1. Focus on Your Targeted Audience

Contrary to the popular belief regarding using TikTok hashtag to go viral, you don’t need to overfill your description with hashtags that describe all the subject of your content. Of course you still need to explain the subject of your content but the captions, words that appear on the screen, or even the comments section are the best places to do this.

Please take note if you never use hashtags to describe the subject of your video. Instead, only use these hashtags to identify your viewers. You can use this as an opportunity to describe what type of audience you want to target your content for.

Example hashtags:

  • Draw and Art: #drawing #fyp #art #foryou #draw
  • Dance: #dance #trending #dancer #tiktok #trend
  • Cook: #cook #foodie #viral #chef #kitchen

2. Focus on Your Content

Sometimes you have to realize if choosing a specific TikTok hashtag to go viral in your clips might be useful to attract new viewers. In this case, you should consider a few factors that are related to your targeted audience, for example, considering people’s busy schedule if your content is about helping people get healthy or lose weight.

Example hashtags:

  • Health Tips: #health #fitness #viral #lifestyle #healthtips
  • Sleep Health Tips: #sleep #fyp #relax #sleeping #insomnia
  • Lose Weight: #loseweight #workout #delicious #fyq #footballer

3. Use Unique Hashtag

In reality, creating or customized a unique TikTok hashtag to go viral to attract new followers is not an easy task. Even if you compare it to other platforms, TikTok is still considered “good” because it allows you to do more with a branded hashtag.

Not only that, you are also allowed to start a hashtag competition or challenge where you ask your followers to produce similar content like yours (like a song or dance) and tag it with your own hashtag. These types of content are quite successful on TikTok these days since it encourages people to share their creativity.

Example hashtags:

  • Flower by Jisoo Blackpink (Song): #jisooflower #foryou #blackpink #flower #jisoodior
  • Pargoy (Viral Dance in TikTok Indonesia): #pargoy #calonmantu #imut #hijabedit #helmbogo
  • Blackout Challenge: #TikTokChallenge #BlackoutChallenge #TikTokFamous

4. Don’t Ignore Smaller and Less Popular Hashtag

Smaller tags are usually ignored by new TikToker but you have to remember if a TikTok hashtag to go viral is super-niche and still affects  the algorithm. You can use it as an opportunity to rule that area instead of someone else. Since it is smaller, you can put all of your stuff under that hashtag.

Why should you never ignore small tags? The reason is actually quite simple. Even though it is still small, someday someone will search for it. And if your posts make up the majority of the search, you will get more exposure in quick time and gain a lot of new followers. You will gain better results than if you choose a popular hashtag with millions of views.

Example hashtags:

  • #socialmediamarketingforsmallbusiness
  • #socialmediamarketingforbiz
  • #tiktokgrowthforsmallbiz
  • #tiktokgrowthadvice

5. Create Your Own Unique Challenge

Just like we explained before, you should promote your personal TikTok hashtag to go viral with a challenge to the targeted audience. In other words, you should offer your followers an assignment or ask them to demonstrate a certain skill that is similar to yours such as dancing moves, a makeover routine, a dare, a commercial demo, and etc.

6. Location is Important

Many TikToker still don’t understand if your content will be firmly linked to your location unless your content is focused on educational fields. So, it’s very important to understand that TikTok will distribute your content to audiences in your time zone so it wouldn’t help promoting your local business if you are targeting a global audience.

In this circumstance, you can use the TikTok hashtag to go viral that is extremely specialized to your city or state. 

Example hashtags:

  • Indonesia: #TiktokIndonesia #ExploreIndonesia #IndonesianFood
  • Paris: #parisianlife #parisianvibes #parisianstreets
  • Thailand: #ThailandTravel #ThaiVibes #ThailandAdventure

Just a reminder, to optimize the function of this app, it’s important to use a TikTok hashtag to go viral properly. With enough forethought and good planning, you can use tags to promote your brand, grow your online profile, and attract new followers that probably can become paying customers in the future.

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