SEO Trends for 2024: Implementing AI, AR, Voice Search

Latest SEO Trends for 2024
Latest SEO Trends for 2024

Do you know if many experts in digital marketing try to predict SEO trends for 2024? Previous trends, like how AI content will change the way we create content in the future have been proven wrong because nobody expects it to be this fast. The algorithms also can change at any time, so you may struggle to keep up.

Nevertheless, predicting trends in the future is still important to keep up with the digital landscape. Just like we have done before, this year to approach 2024 predictions we will critically and adapt as new data and technology trends emerge.

Predictions SEO Trends for 2024

As we know, technology will always develop, especially in the modern world like nowaday. So, what’s the predictions of SEO trends for 2024 actually look like? Are the predictions not much different from the previous year? Here are some reviews from us.

1. High demand for AI and Machine Learning in SEO

According to a survey from McKinsey, AI adoption has more than doubled in the last five years and the presence of AI and ML in the SEO industry is no different. As SEO trends for 2024, you will find more AI tools that begin to appear and unfortunately this AI tool is very helpful for doing various digital jobs that used to be done by humans.

For example, writing articles, editing images, arranging a schedule, and providing other important detailed information. So what about content of SEO trends for 2024? Can content be produced with AI and replace your job? The answer is yes.

Don’t get us wrong, bots have been used in SEO for a while to automate tasks but the use of AI and ML in the future will be for classification, identification and creating content.

The speed of AI in assisting SEO tasks like creating keywords, identifying the intent behind searched phrases, and predicting article topics using Google’s NLP API can be superior. This means the predictions of SEO trends for 2024 is way better at creating relevance between content and its backlinks, which in turn drives better results.  

Additionally, AI has contributed a lot in generating content. This eliminates the need for humans when writing content. However, useful content updates from Google still ensure that the results displayed are content that is useful for humans so it still needs your part as the creator.

2. The Rise of Voice Search

Statista also predicts that there will be 8 billion voice assistants in use by 2024. Not only that, their technology also has become more accurate and sophisticated to the point it enables seamless voice interactions for a variety of tasks, including searching.

Actually, we are no surprise that voice search is starting to become an important aspect of digital technology. It offers a convenient, hands-free method for users to access information. 

Over the past decade, voice search adoption has grown substantially, driven by advances in voice recognition technology and the increase of smartphones and smart speakers. For SEO trends for 2024, voice will be as important as text, especially when it comes to searching with search engines.

3. Augmented Reality SEO

Another SEO trends for 2024, do you know what Augmented Reality SEO really means? Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that combines the physical world with digital elements such as images, sound or animation, to create new experiences that enhance reality. For short, the existing physical environment is enriched with digital information displayed on it.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) in your SEO trends for 2024 strategy can provide a unique and engaging experience to your website visitors, which can improve SEO rankings and conversion rates. With this method, you can increase visitor retention rates. Satisfied and engaged visitors are more likely to spend more time on your site, view more pages, and return in the future.

Make sure your AR content’s relevant titles, descriptions, tags, and meta information are optimized for keywords that are relevant to your business. If your AR content is relevant to the user, then there is a chance to improve your ranking in search results.

4. Mobile Optimization

These days the majority of Google searches occur on smartphones, therefore optimizing for mobile is essential. You can implement a mobile site via a separate URL, dynamic serving, or have a responsive design but remember, each has its own weaknesses and advantages.

We also need to remind you that Google seems to carry out separate activities when they create search results for desktop and mobile devices. So, it is very possible that the results between PC and smartphone will be different.

For SEO trends for 2024, Google will identify the mobile version of your webpage and associate the structure and content of the mobile page to place you in the SERPs. So, having a great mobile page should be a top priority. If your page doesn’t load well on mobile screens, you will lose rankings in both mobile and desktop results.

5. Google Quality Guidelines Will Remain Important

Do you know if Google Quality Rater Guidelines (QRG) keep getting longer? But unfortunately you have no choice but to adapt with them as a webmaster.

To make your web become more popular and acknowledged as” qualified”, your website not only has to be easy to use but its content also has to be useful to users. In fact, Google already released a Helpful Content Update that you can use to make better content for your page.

Google QRG is important because they provide insight into how Google assesses and ranks your web content. The raters will use these guidelines to evaluate websites and then inform Google algorithm updates.

Understanding QRG for SEO trends for 2024 will help web admins, SEO professionals, and content creators align their strategies with Google’s expectations, improving their site’s visibility and performance in search results.

Final Words

If you look carefully, most of the SEO trends in 2024 will be almost the same as those from previous years. Why? This is because search engines work with the aim of serving the right content to search queries that results in user satisfaction.

If you carry out your SEO efforts based on the same paradigm, called ‘best content’, then you are taking the right steps. The motto that SEO experts always say is exactly right, content is a king. In the future, you can take steps to develop a website with better SEO optimization.

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