10 The Most Searched in Google, YouTube Seated in Number 1

The Most Searched in Google
The Most Searched in Google

As the top search engine in the world, there are the most searched in Google in a day. Collecting data that can reveal what people are looking for is, or a trend that is popular around the world. Even though most of us use Google in daily life, have you wondered how much data that we provide to this company?

First, you have to understand the definition of “search volume”. Search volume is how many times a keyword is searched for on Google in a certain period of time. Common keyword searches will be displayed in the last month. For example, the search volume for the keyword “usability testing” shows 170.000 which means this keyword has been searched for 170 thousand times on Google in the last 1 month.

The Most Searched in Google Global Results

Different platforms usually measure search volume with different methods but most of them calculate the search volume as a rolling 12 month average. These methods are used since it help even out seasonal ‘viral keyword”  or special events

For March 2024, the most popular Google Search is from big brands or companies. We need to remind you that all the lists below have been “tidied” since we need to remove any inappropriate keywords. If you want to know which brand of the most searched in Google, here is the list.  

1. Youtube

Believe it or not, Youtube has been number 1 as the most searched in Google with 1.300.000.000 global search volume. Actually, this is not surprising news considering this website is a part of our daily life nowadays. With all of the new features, this brand not only became a lifestyle but necessities in many fields like education, health, entertainment, etc.

Youtube just released a new feature recently called Youtube Short. Since this feature release, this kind of short video has become a sensation and its search growth status starts to explode. Right now, Youtube shorts even already show 7.200% search growth in just 5 years.

2. Facebook

This information may shock Millennial and Gen Z but this social media still became the most searched in Google with 789.900.000 global searches. Facebook may be one of the oldest social media but it’s still popular considering it has 3.049 billion monthly active users.

One of the main reasons why Facebook is still popular is because it already transformed into a marketplace with their Facebook marketplace feature. With such a huge number of users and the simplicity of its marketplace, these features grow search exploding. Nowadays, it already shows 579% search growth in 5 years.

3. WhatsApp Web

Do you know if WhatsApp already has 3 billion users? With such a massive number of users, it’s not a surprise if this one of the most searched in Google has reached 541.400.000 search volume. This website is well known for easy access and user friendly.

If you compare it to the app version, this WhatsApp Web actually is a whatsapp account that can be opened in multiple devices, especially computers and laptops. It also has standard features that you can use on the app version.

4. Weather

Another the most searched in Google, the term weather here is not a reference to a website name but a typical keyword that shows you the weather prediction in your area. For information, usually each country has its own official weather channel or website.

Compared to other brands/websites above, this search is quite important to the general public especially in season where natural disasters usually happen. The weather already reached 453. 500.000 search volume globally. Due to the importance of the information, the search growth for “weather’’ is always exploding.

5. Google Translate

Just like weather, “translate” usually refers to any website or feature that can translate one language to another language. For the information, the most popular translator site is Google Translate since it always comes first in your result. 

As the most searched in Google, ‘translate’ has reached 449.200.000 search volume globally. Due to the importance of this feature, it’s not a surprise if search growth is still exploding.  

6. Google

You must be curious why Google is also included in this list. Well, let us remind you if Google is not only a search engine but it also a website with many features and collects information and valuable data from the users. 

This causes many of the keywords including “Google” in their search. According to data, Google already reached 444.600.000 global search volume.

7. Gmail

Just like Google Search, Gmail also became one of the most searched in Google. As one of the top electronic mail services, users can access Gmail in the form of HTTPS web mail, POP3 or IMAP4 protocols. It also has many features and settings so users usually search for it.

Up until today, Gmail already had 1.8 billion users around the world and reached 400.400.000 search volume globally.

8. Cricbuzz

Compared to the website above, most of you probably have never heard about Cricbuzz before. It’s understandable since this site is an Indian cricket news website. It features news, articles and live coverage of cricket matches including videos, text commentary, player statistics and team rankings.  

The site was one of the most searched in Google India. Since India has more than 1 billion population, it’s not strange if this website was included in the list even though cricket is not very popular in most countries. According to the data, Cricbuzz has 394 million monthly visitors with 385.700.000 search volume globally and still growing.

9. Instagram

Instagram is probably the most popular social media among the younger generation. According to data, there are currently 2,4 billion monthly active users and estimated to reach 2.5 billion by the end of the Q1 this year. With such a positive trend, Instagram already reached 371.100.000 search volume globally but unfortunately it’s search growth status is still regular.

10. Amazon

You may know Amazon as a well known e-commerce company from America but do you know if this company also has business in cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence?

According to data Amazon already has 357.400.000 search volume globally and it is still growing, especially since buying some ‘smart’ appliances has become a trend in social media. No wonder it is considered the most searched in Google.

This is a list of the most searched in Google globally in 2024. But remember, trends always change quickly. So, stay tuned to see what’s new and what remains popular. See you in the next article.

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