5 Causes Why Does My Phone Freeze Up and Lag

Why Does My Phone Freeze Up
Why Does My Phone Freeze Up

Why does my phone freeze up? What factors cause this trouble for your phone?

Just like computers, your smartphones sometimes can stop responding suddenly. This type of error can prevent your phone from working optimally, as well as being a slow or disconnected internet connection.

Why Does My Phone Freeze Up and What Causes?

There are several reasons why does my phone freeze up and causes lagging problems with the screen constantly on. Usually slow processors, insufficient memory, lack of storage space or problems with certain applications can be the reason.

Most of the cause usually will reveal itself with appropriate warning but sometimes the problem unravels without revealing the cause. This obviously can cause you a huge problem. If you want

1. Running Too Many Apps behind the Screen

Are you the type of user who likes to use many applications at the same time? If yes, maybe you should stop that habit because it makes your cell phone freeze. 

For the factors of why does my phone freeze up, every application that we use that is not closed completely is usually still running in the background. As a result, the application will consume too much resources and make your phone performance slower.

If your phone already likes that the only way to restore it to normal condition is by restarting your phone. Restarting the phone will reload the system and remove processes running in the background, helping it back to the normal condition.

Apart from that, to solve a crashing application, you also can force stop it by opening the “Settings” menu, selecting the problematic application and then pressing the “Force stop” button.

This step of why does my phone freeze up will help you stop the app, and after that, you can open it again. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds, select the “Restart” option, and wait for the smartphone to reload. After that, you can reopen the application that was forcefully closed before to ensure better performance.

2. Memory full

Another factor of why does my phone freeze up, memory is an important component of a phone. So, if it is full, it’s understandable that your phone’s performance will be slower and hampered. Moreover, if your phone’s internal memory capacity is small and you like to install heavy games, your phone will freeze if you continue to use it.

Full memory, especially internal memory, can make your phone become slower. This can happen if you often install heavy applications like games. Set memory management wisely, and make sure to clean unnecessary files regularly so that your phone’s memory will always be in good condition.

Do you know if applications that are not used can use up internal memory and RAM also causing the phone to hang, freeze and lag?. Therefore, deleting applications that are not used can immediately improve your phone performance.

3. Piled Up Trash and Cache

Similar to the previous reason, one of the factors causing a phone to hang is the accumulation of trash files or cache in your device. This usually happens to Android users who rarely pay attention to the cache or trash from the applications they use.

As the cause of why does my phone freeze up, trash files and cache from applications that continue to accumulate can be a burden to your device. Cache is temporary storage data generated by applications to speed up the process, but if it is not deleted regularly, it can cause your phone to become slow. Clearing cache and trash files regularly can help maintain optimal phone performance.

The Android system usually provides an automatic notification to clear the cache, but users can also use cleaning applications for this task. This method can help resolve various issues that have the potential to cause suboptimal performance or even freeze the device. So, cleaning the cache regularly is recommended to maintain your phone performance.

4. Insufficient RAM capacity

Beside the memory, another important reason why does my phone freeze up is the RAM. Each smartphone has a different RAM capacity (the smallest is 2 GB) although now many phones appear with more than 8GB capacity.

For your information, RAM is an important component in determining phone performance. Phones with inadequate RAM capacity tend to experience lag and freeze. So, make sure to know the RAM capacity on your smartphone and adjust application usage to the available capacity.

For this problem of why does my phone freeze up, increasing RAM capacity can be a solution to overcome the problem of phones that freeze due to insufficient RAM capacity. 

Some phones allow users to upgrade their RAM capacity, for example from 2 GB to 4 or 8 GB. To find out whether the RAM capacity can be increased, you can contact the service center and ask about upgrading your RAM capacity on their device.

Or you can change your device to the latest generation smartphone because usually they have embedded a RAM Extension feature, a technology where the phone will automatically upgrade the RAM by borrowing ROM to prevent your application becoming slow when used.

5. Virus

Software errors, such as bugs, viruses and malware can easily attack your phone’s security, especially if you download applications from unknown or untrusted sources. Therefore, make sure to only download apps from official app stores and trusted sources. Remember to always check user reviews before downloading a new app, so that it doesn’t pose any threat to your phone.

One important step to fix why does my phone freeze up is to update the operating system to the latest version. This update not only will fix the bugs, but also improve the performance. In addition, performing regular operating system updates can also optimize device functionality.

Not only the operating system, the applications installed on the smartphone also needed to be updated regularly. App developers continually provide updates containing bug fixes and performance improvements. You can easily update applications via the Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iPhone users.

That’s a list of causes and ways to deal with the trouble why does my phone freeze up. If you feel that you have done all the methods above but it doesn’t work, you should immediately take it to a service center for further experience.

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