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10 Important Things to Have in Life for Financial Success



Financial Success

In today’s modern life, it is very important to prepare various important things like financial success. With uncertain global economic conditions right now, there is no harm for you to start preparing your own future.

Money’s not everything but money is a very big influence on someone’s life. If you want to live comfortably then you have to be financially successful first.

The Key for Financial Success

Success can be interpreted in various ways one of most common is in terms of financial success. If you can be independent and are able to support yourself then you belong to this category.

Unfortunately, being financially successful is not easy. Apart from being smart, you have to own a few factors that make your career or business even more fluent. What are the keys to success? Here’s the list.

1. Health

Health is the main factor that you must have for financial success. You’ve certainly heard that health is something expensive, right? This is true because if you are sick then you not only have to pay for medical treatment but you also cannot work or earn an income.

It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, old or young, everyone needs good health. Maintaining health does not have to be done in an expensive way, but the results will definitely be very profitable.

2. Family

You may have had a fight with your family over some issue. Even so, family can be a support system for your life especially when it comes to financial success and emotions. Although it’s not good to be financially dependent on family, at least family can be a place to rest if you feel emotionally burnt out.

It is important to remember that family conditions are different for some people. If you feel your relationship with family starts to become unhealthy, reducing the frequency of meeting with them is always a good idea.

3. Friends and Business Networking

The more friends you have, the more relationships you have. More networks mean you can collect more information or opportunities for your career. Not only that, the opportunity to build a business is also greater if you have lots of acquaintances.

Friends can also be a place to get advice about business, financial success, etc. Even so, be careful in building relationships or friendships. Make sure you have boundaries and don’t mix personal matters with work or business.

4. Skills

To develop some skills is not an easy job because it requires a very long process. Life skills such as communication, negotiation, management, and appearing and speaking in public can give you benefits for your career and business.

In the highly competitive job right now, owning some skills will be a great help because it will open up new opportunities for financial success.

5. Discipline

There is no financial success without applying high discipline. Even though people usually underestimate it, discipline plays an important role in forming a person’s character and personality.

People who are used to being disciplined will have good time management. They will be more organized and will not like to delay work. This is a very important trait in the work field.

6. Education and Knowledge

Education plays a big part in achieving financial success. According to several studies, those who are more financially stable tend to have a good educational background. Even so, good education does not always mean you have to graduate from a well-known school but is more like the knowledge possessed.

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

Jim Rohn – Entrepreneur

People who are aware of the importance of education will always try to continue learning, especially learning new things like technology. Even though you have to learn from younger people because what is important is the knowledge you get.

If you want to focus on business, the ability to learn new things is a very important skill. This is because the world will always develop, so like it or not, your businesses have to innovate. Without innovation, the business you build will die and not develop.

7. Gratitude

Life does require money, but money is not everything. Therefore, you don’t have to always focus on seeking profit alone because this can make you a greedy person who doesn’t want to be grateful.

Being grateful doesn’t always mean big things, but small things must also be grateful for. One example is about financial success. You should be grateful for the big or small profits you get because you have worked hard to get them.

You will be more satisfied and more aware about the important role of the people around you if you are diligent in being grateful.

8. Dare to Take Risks

Please take a note that what is meant by being brave enough to take risks only applies if you already understand the risks and benefits. When making a decision, of course there are only 2 possibilities, which is success or failure.

Considering that both have their own consequences, before taking action it is highly recommended to seek more information or ask other people for advice in order to minimize high risks that will occur.

Never make a decision on something that you don’t understand, especially when it concerns finances and business.

9. Compassion

As previously explained, life is not always about finances or yourself. Helping other people or the environment through charity can give you a satisfaction that cannot be explained.

Helping other people does not have to be in the form of material things but you can give your knowledge, time, energy, information, and so on. One of the most popular is becoming a volunteer in various humanitarian organizations.

10. Passion

If a goal or desire is the beginning of starting something, then passion is what makes you persist. If you feel you already have passion in one field, then you just need to try hard in that field.

You need to remember that everyone has different passions so never underestimate other people. Instead of interfering with someone else’s business, it’s better for you to take care of your own passion, right?

These several important things above are assets that you must have to be successful in your career and financially. You need to remember that financial success is not only about material things but also about personal quality. So, don’t just focus on other people, focus on yourself. OK?

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What I Learned in My First Month of Running a Startup Accelerator

One of the things I focused on is trying to make the program a lot more structured than YCombinator and modeled it around a finishing school that I always wanted.




Microsoft Accelerator

I have been the CEO of the Microsoft Accelerator for the past month. There are 11 companies as part of the batch and it has been an exciting ride. One of the things I focused on is trying to make the program a lot more structured than YCombinator and modeled it around a finishing school that I always wanted. Here are the top things I learned.

1. Don’t Try to Change an Entrepreneur’s Idea

They have to come up with something they like themselves. This seems fairly trivial. There are many incubators and seed funds that believe if you dont have an idea, but are great entrepreneur material, they will “give you ideas”.

That rarely works. Entrepreneurs have ownership and pride only for things they believe “they came up with on their own”. Anything borrowed (even if its a clone or knock-off idea from a US startup) is theirs. They will put more wood behind their idea than anything you ever propose.

2. Indian Entrepreneurs Have Varied Expectations from Accelerators

One entrepreneur wanted “execution” help in actually doing the design (preferably a full time designer and user experience person for a few weeks to do it) and another wanted better quality food at the cafeteria.

Some think the biggest value proposition of an accelerator is the “quality of the space” (i.e the physical location), while another thought the value was the other startups who would egg them to get better.

3. “Grass is Greener

Regardless of what you offer, there’s always someone offering more or better, which I think is the “grass is greener on the other side syndrome”. If I had a penny for every time someone said “I have heard YCombinator founders get XYZ” or “500 startups gives more ABC”, I’d have enough money to fund all the startups for a year.

4. Indian Companies Need a Lot More User Experience and Design Help than Any US Company

I have invested in over 20+ companies in the US and about 11 here in India. Its extremely hard to find good user experience talent in India. This is a different person from someone that just does Photoshop and illustration. We interviewed 23 “highly recommended” designers and user experience professionals in India. Most were average and were still charging rates from $20 / hour to $100 / hour. No negotiation.

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5. The Go-to-Market Challenge is Largely Under-Appreciated in India among Founders

Many need more help here than any other area, but tend to relegate the problem to “lets hire someone to do that”. Unless one founder is deeply involved in the customer development process, we largely build technology for the sake of it.

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7 The Best Business Ideas to Make Money for Long-Term




The Best Business Ideas to Make Money

Doing the best business ideas to make money is indeed one of the most profitable long-term businesses. Over time, the business world has developed. Considering that now the reach of business has become easier because of the internet.

For those of you who want to build your own business, of course you have to be smart in reading promising business opportunities and situations for the future. A promising business opportunity can be a gateway to success, either as an additional income or as your main source of work later.

Here is a brief review of the most promising business ideas to tips on building a successful business that you can make a reference before creating your own business!

The Best Business Ideas to make money

For those of you who want to create an independent business, here are the best business ideas to make money that have the biggest and most promising opportunities in the future that you must know, namely:

1. Online Shop

Online Shop is the best business ideas to make money due to the significant development of the times, so that many people start shopping online. Then, the stock of goods sold in online shops is very high. Even to buy it can be accessed anytime and anywhere with only a mobile phone and internet connection.

2. Freelance

One business that has other great opportunities is freelancer. You can become a freelancer in the world of writing or translation. This will be a great opportunity for those of you who have passion and good writing and foreign language skills.

3. Skincare Business

Skincare also can be the best business ideas to make money. Because skincare products are needed by almost everyone, making this business has potential and can reach a diverse target market. 

However, the ever-changing beauty trends make you have to do research to find out what skincare products are most in demand so that your business does not lose competitiveness and lag behind the times.

4. Culinary and Beverage Business

One of the best business ideas to make money is the culinary and beverage business. Given the growing times, there are more and more unique models and types of food that you can offer at your food stall.

5. Wedding Organizer and MUA

Wedding Organizers (WO) and MUA (Makeup Artist) are also the best business ideas to make money, considering that weddings are one of the traditions in Indonesia that are still widely practiced. However, to run this business you need good teamwork and careful planning to maximize your business.

6. Tour and Travel Business

A tour and travel business is a type of business that provides travel services, ranging from selling flight tickets, hotels, transportation, to tour packages. Tour and travel business opportunities are supported by the development of digital technology.  Usually, to build this business you must also have good communication skills with clients, agents and other communities to reach a wider market.

7. Grocery Store Business

The grocery business is a promising business opportunity, because the need for groceries is always there every day. This makes the grocery business a big enough opportunity to last a long time. In fact, you can also promote your grocery store easily by only utilizing the sophistication of technology and social media.

Success Tips in Doing Business

After you get a lot of information about the most profitable business ideas. Here are some things you must do if you want your business to grow and be recognised by the public at large, including:

  • Promote products by utilizing social media and technology
  • Find out what market needs you can fulfill so that you can take the opportunity
  • Communicate well with customers
  • Learn from failure and dare to take risks so that you will continue to look for the latest innovations in handling failures in business
  • Be consistent with the best business ideas to make money you are building
  • Determine the marketing target, approximately who you want to spread your product to and where to go
  • Make a good management structure, you have to organize time and financial management in detail.

From the above reviews, it can be concluded that all types of the best business ideas to make money will run smoothly if you want to be consistent and have good self-management. 

You also have to be good at reading the marketing situation, in case what needs are being needed by the community and you can adjust it to your business. So, are you ready to build a successful business?

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5 Profitable Digital Business Ideas, Increase Your Income!




Digital Business Ideas

Finding the most profitable digital business ideas can be challenging for some people. In this easy and modern era, it also provides many opportunities for someone to build a digital-based business. Given the increasingly sophisticated technology, this makes many people work from home by utilizing the digital world.

There are many kinds of digital businesses that you can build according to your passion. Even with this digital business also provides a fairly large income and to reach clients is easier because it utilizes existing technology.

For those of you who are looking for ideas to establish a profitable digital business this year. Here is a brief review of the most profitable digital businesses and business ideas in 2024 that can add to your information reference!

Understanding the Meaning of Digital Business

Digital business ideas is a business that utilizes technology, both internally and externally. Information technology has transformed business architecture and operations since Internet access became easy for businesses and individuals. The way organizations operate on a daily basis has undergone a significant transformation through technological developments.

The business world is feeling the significant impact of this digital revolution. It has accelerated the activities and procedures of companies to make the most of opportunities with a strategic approach. Digital companies are making the most of this to maximize profits while reducing losses.

Of course, in digital business ideas, people can also utilize technology as their business to increase productivity, marketing and reach to attract clients. Even to do this digital business marketing is not difficult, you can use the social media you have to attract customers.

The way to develop this business is relatively simple and can be done anywhere. By focusing on the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, and other advanced technologies, digital business creates an ecosystem that allows businesses to run their operations more efficiently and effectively. 

From micro-businesses to giant corporations, everyone can enjoy the benefits of engaging in the digital business world.

The Most Profitable Digital Business Ideas

Now that you know the definition of a digital business that is currently trending. Next, there are some of the most profitable digital business ideas in 2024 that you can even make a reference to build a digital business that can provide a lot of money, including:

1. Content Creator

Content Creator

The most profitable digital business in 2024 is to become a content creator. Where you can make YouTube channels or other social media to reap a lot of benefits. You can create mini vlogs or videos that contain entertainment, tutorials, information or learning.

If you manage to attract an audience, you can also earn a considerable amount of money from the content you create.

2.  Translator


Translators are also one of the most sought-after digital businesses. For those of you who have basic English, of course you can open a freelance translator to increase your financial income. Usually, this one of most profitable digital business ideas will provide services to translate documents, articles, letters, to videos and films.

3. Online Private Classes

Online Private Classes

For those of you who have a basic teaching and a teacher, you can also develop your digital business by creating private classes online. Where this online private is also a place to make money easily. You can provide learning offers such as English, Maths, and other Sciences.

4. SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

Being an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant for digital business ideas, you will help websites and businesses improve their ranking on search engines like Google. This involves website optimization, high-quality content creation, and backlinking strategies. 

A deep understanding of search engine algorithms and changing SEO trends is key to the success of this business.

5. Content and Copy Writer

Content Writer

The development of the digital world has led to companies needing writers for their websites, blogs, and even social media captions. No need to meet face-to-face, this job can be done from anywhere. 

You can also write articles that you like on several websites that need contributing writers. Of course, this will be an additional income for you. To become a content and copy writer, you only need to have good analytical, creative and writing skills.

Obviously, to build a profitable digital business you also have to adjust according to your passion and talent. That’s a brief review of the most profitable digital business ideas that you can try!

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