Why We still Use Google as Our Search Engine?

Google as our search engine
Google as our search engine

Looking at Yahoo’s numbers and lack of focus yesterday, gives me pause on Google. They are supposed to report tomorrow.

I did 15 searches for the same items on both Google and Yahoo. On 13 of them the same 2 items came on the top. I agree that this is not very scientific but still tells me something:

Google and Yahoo search engines are mostly similar if not the same in terms of results.

If you ask many Search engine optimization experts they will tell you that MOST people click on the top 3 links (non paid ones), that’s why they do heat map analysis.

So, still why do people still use Google as their primary search engine? My guess, feel free to add / challenge:

1. Creatures of habit. When I want to search I just type google.com, Yahoo is out of sight, out of mind.

2. Simpler search interface: No competition here, Google’s simple what are you looking for VS. Yahoo’s NASCAR type front page. Yahoo’s front page distracts me so much I have not been there in 6 months (or more!)

3. Long tail of searchwords: If you are searching for the top 10,000 words they come up with the same search results, BUT if you are looking for specific stuff, your results on Google are probably more relevant.

4. Integrated into my Mozilla toolbar. Over 50% of the time I use the Ctrl-K keystroke, go directly to the search button on Mozilla.

So why do you think you still use Google?

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