From ASUS to Apple: Top 7 The Best PC Desktop Computer

The Best PC Desktop Computer
The Best PC Desktop Computer

For some people, the best PC Desktop computer is a better choice compared to laptops. Why? Because usually a PC has a higher specification compared to a laptop with the same price. However, the variety of desktop PCs on the market may make you confused in choosing a product that suits your needs.

For information, there are many types of PC in the market such as desktop, mini PC etc. All of them have their own pros and cons so you need to read the specification before buying it to make sure if the device you buy suits your needs.

The Best PC Desktop Computer for Study and Work

This time we will share how to choose a PC and explain the minimum specifications for daily use such as gaming and working. Not only information, we also give you recommendations for the best PC Desktop computer from various brands. If you want to know, here is the list. Happy reading.

1. ASUS PC Desktop S501ME

ASUS PC Desktop S501ME

If you’re looking for the best PC Desktop computer for your kids, this may be the best thing you will find in the market. This device is equipped with Intel Core i3 generation 13 and 8 GB RAM that ensure its performance.

These two combinations make this PC have smooth performance for daily school work like typing, browsing, and video conference. This thing is also able to be used in the long term because it has a two-way AI technology that can provide a maximum cooling system.

For the price, it probably will cost you less than $1000 (IDR 16.000.000). It may look a little bit expensive but with all the specs, it can be a good investment for your kids’ education.

2. Apple iMac M3 

Apple iMac M3

As the best PC Desktop computer, Apple products can be very expensive but this 24-inch iMac is a good desktop computer with great flexibility. It’s easy to move because it is small enough to fit into tighter spaces. With the latest Apple’s M3 processor, this device is more capable for gaming or content production.

For the price, it will cost you around $1,299 for an M3 chip with an eight-core CPU (four efficiency cores and four performances), a 16-core Neural Engine and an eight-core GPU. This model is also equipped with 8 GB RAM, a 256GB SSD, and two Thunderbolt USB-C ports.

It also includes Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. An upgraded M3 chip is also available with two more GPU cores. Apart from that, you can also choose to increase its memory and SSD capacity. The price is around $1300 (IDR 20.700.000)

3. HP M01-F2019d 

HP M01-F2019d 

Are you looking for the best PC Desktop computer for your office? This PC could be an excellent choice for you, young professionals. This product is equipped with a 12th generation Intel i3 processor which has responsive performance. 

You can type, send emails, even do a little programming with this PC. Apart from that, this product has a storage capacity of 512 GB which can accommodate your documents. You don’t need to worry about the price because this thing will only cost you less than $600 (IDR 9.500.000). Looks affordable for a good PC right?

4. Apple Mac Mini  

Apple Mac Mini  

Do you know if all this time, Apple also released a mini PC line? This one may not be as popular as other Apple products but it’s still a good choice. This product is considered as one of Apple’s longest-standing product lines (2005 and still pre-Intel version) or a year before the first MacBook launched. 

As the best PC Desktop computer, there are several ports that can be used for office work. It also uses 8 GB SO-DIMM DDR4 2666MHz RAM with an internal storage capacity of 128GB or 256GB but you can also choose SSD mode up to 512GB.

Just like its name, this device is quite small with 19.7cm x 19.7cm 3.6cm dimensions. This will make it very compact and easy to carry anywhere without taking so much space because you can also store it in a small bag.

Unlike other Apple’s computer products, this mini device is designed for work behind the scenes, fitting into small spaces and installing with the display. Until today, this Mini remains as the cheapest way to get a Mac OS computer. 

Even though it’s from Apple, you can purchase this Mini for an affordable price. If you’re lucky, this product is regularly discounted on Amazon and other international e-commerce for less than $500 (IDR 8000.000).

5. Acer Aspire Desktop TC-1770

Acer Aspire Desktop TC-1770

This one of the best PC Desktop computer comes in several options so you can choose a better option. Fortunately, this product has the latest Intel Core i3 processor so it is able to give you excellent performance. With such good specs, this one is an ideal choice for those of you who need a computer for daily tasks such as web browsing, document processing and light multimedia.

With a big storage capacity and adequate RAM, this PC can run various applications smoothly. Its elegant and compact design also makes it suitable to be placed in your office or family room. With all of these features, this PC is also quite affordable. The price is around $900 (IDR 14.300.000) to US$1000 (IDR 16.000.000) in the market.

6. DELL Vostro SFF-3020

DELL Vostro SFF-3020

If you are looking for the best PC Desktop computer for the office, you can consider this DELL Vostro series. Like other Vostro series, this product is designed specifically for the business purpose. So, it has superior security compared to standard PCs.

With a compact design, this product uses Trusted Platform Module 2.0, which is a chip installed on the motherboard. This chip can protect your data from external software attacks. In addition, the Kensington lock slot and additional padlock loop can provide extra security for your computer.

For the price, this one of the best PC Desktop computer one only costs less than $850 (IDR 13.500.000). Quite cheap if you see all the specifications and superior security.

7. MSI MAG Infinite S3 GTX 1650

MSI MAG Infinite S3 GTX 1650

Are you looking for the best PC Desktop computer gaming? This MSI MAG Infinite not only offers powerful gaming but also productivity performance. All thanks to the 13th generation Intel Core i5-13400F processor. Supported by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card and DDR4 RAM, this PC provides a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

The design is also very stylish with adjustable RGB lighting to add an aesthetic impression for your gaming room. This product is suitable for those of you who work as professional gamers or a content creator.

For the price, surprisingly this one is not very expensive. It sold around $900 (IDR 14.300.000) in the market. Looking at the high specification, this PC can be a lifetime investment.

Those are the recommendations for the best PC Desktop computer. Make sure that you choose the right PC according to your individual needs and not based on the price or trend. OK? See you in the next article. 

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